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  1. Jozeff, GCBraun, thank you for your suggestions. Do you know how the flight lessons in XP11 and P3Dv4 differ from FSX, especially for a beginner with even no flight simulator experience? And do both of those solutions support Leap Motion so my son could use a physical Yoke and then manipulate controls in the cockpit by reaching for them without needing to pickup the VR handheld controllers ?
  2. Jozeff, thank you for the great feedback. I'm sure my hardware is quite capable and I've already invested a reasonable of money, and dont mind investing a bit more if it really helps. But most of all I want to be sure that i choose the right environment for my son to be really able to learn about flying in a way that most closely resembles the real world, especially in case he decides that he ready for real aircraft in a few years. (We did get him an "introduction to flying" lesson at a local flight school for his birthday last year, which he really enjoyed and was the catalyst for trying to enable him to learn to fly in his free time at home...)
  3. Hi all, lots of good advice in this thread. I've started another thread asking for advice on the best sim to use to teach my 13 year-old son to fly with VR. Rather than cross-posting I'll just post a list here, if anybody has any advice on this topic it will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the advice, I ordered it. I'm worried that it might be a little over the head of my 13yo, but I think it is worth getting for him anyway, maybe it can help and without him spending more time in front of the screen...
  5. I did a bit more research, and it looks like the answer to my question is Leap Motion. I know that it works with Flyinside and as far as I read it doesnt work with Aerofly FS2. So this is pushing me to lean towards FSX + Flyinside, now I just need to double check that the FSX flying school can be used with Flyinside (and Leapmotion)...
  6. I'm about to make a decision and I have two more questions, I hope you can advise me: 1. Flight Schools: About Aerofly, I read that indeed it has the best VR support. But I've also read that the lessons are not very strong. From the reviews: "This game does has a flight school that teaches you some basics. However, I would have preferred a better fleshed out tutorial. I think some missions to start the game and learn each aircraft would have been nice. So far, I've just been doing random stuff but no real structure. I would prefer if the game encouraged you to set real flight plans and had a guiding hand for those of us not experienced with flight simulators." and " There is a flight school, but it does not cover anyything more advanced that take-off/landing/pattern." Since this is for my 13 year-old son who has zero experience even with a flight sim, I want to ensure that the flight school is as strong and structured as possible, even if the VR experience is not as strong (without impeding the ability to learn). In this case can anybody advise how the FSX flight school compares against the Aerofly flight school? 2. Controls in VR: I'm wondering how using cockpit controls work in VR when we have the physical Yoke. How do you work with the yoke (which will require putting down the physical controllers that track the hands) and then flip switches, etc, in the cockpit? It seems that if you want to use the virtual controls, you'll need to let go of the yoke, to feel/fumble around for the physical controllers, pick them up, manipulate the virtual controls, then put them down again and take the yoke. Or if we buy one of the boxes with controls similar to a physical cockpit, then you can see those switches with the VR headset on, and I dont think taking the headset off is a good idea, so you'll again need to feel/fumble around blindly for the switch you want, and then you also dont learn the position of the controls in the actual cockpit. So what is the best way to manage this? If anybody has any experience with this, it will be appreciated... Thanks Ron
  7. Sorry, I guess my message was confusing. By "FSX Flight School", I didnt mean http://www.fsflyingschool.com/ but just the standard flight lessons in FSX. (However I did look at http://www.fsflyingschool.com/ and even exchanged some emails with them, and it does seem impressive, but as I understood it is more meant to be used by somebody who already has the basics of flying...)
  8. great information, thank you! I was specifically told that FSX flight school is very good... so you feel that Aerofly FS2 is better?
  9. Hi All My son (13 years old) wants to learn to fly using a flight simulator. I bought a VR headset (Samsung Odyssey+), yoke (CH Products), and rudder pedals (Saitek Pro). Our PC is relatively good and we have a GTX1080 GPU, so I think we're set hardware wise. (Not even sure we'll use the physical Yoke instead of the VR Yoke.) I'm having difficulty choosing the best software for the task. I can use your advice is about which flight simulator provides the best lessons for an absolute novice who has never flown before, or taken a lesson, and who has minimum knowledge of the aircraft, keeping in mind that we'll use VR. I was told that FSX (Steam Edition) has the best "out of the box" flight lessons for a novice, and is better than XP11 and Aerofly FS2. Is there consensus on this, or is there any other flight simulator which offers good lessons for beginners with VR support? I'm looking at https://flyinside-fsx.com/ but I lack enough experience to understand if I really need it, or if it will even work or not with the FSX flying lessons. Thank you for any advice you can offer! Ron
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