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  1. Hi. A couple of questions, specific to the (Khamsin) B-25, I'm really hoping someone can answer, as I have had no luck in other forums, nor even finding clues in actual/real-world flight manuals, nor any online videos. (Please relocate this to the proper forum sub-section, if it's not appropriate in the general one. I'm new here, and I didn't notice any other sub-sections that seemed more appropriate.) 1 ) What does the Heading Mode switch under the Directional Gyro do, specifically? 2 ) The VSI dial seems 'clickable' (mouse pointer changes to a hand), yet I can't seem to drag it or do anything with it. How is it supposed to react? (Draggable? Clickable?) 3 ) It seems (from other posts) that you can use VORs, but I'm confused as to how: -How do you select radials (or does the VOR act as a NDB)? Is it done via the VSI knob? (So far, I can get it to work like an NDB, with the PDI homing in on the station itself, not a radial) 4 ) I know the real PDI was linked to the bombadier, guiding the pilot as far as deviation from the bombing course... but since this doesn't have a bombadier, how IS the PDI utilized in this sim plane? 5 ) When the manual/checklist refers to 'Ignition: On', does that mean mags set to Both? 6 ) How do the fuel transfer left/right aux to main left/right tank switches work? I don't see any markings as far as the different states/positions, so I'm not sure if it's an On/Off thing, or something else. 7 ) What does the Pitch Mode button do? 8 ) The (2 position) Heading Mode switch/knob often seem to only be able to be clicked once (moves it clockwise), yet you can't seem to turn it back. As well, the Gyropilot Pitch mode button doesn't appear to do anything, but seems to cause the Heading Mode switch to click back to it's previous position (counterclockwise move of dial). Is this how it's supposed to work? If so, what is going on there? Does the whole autopilot system toggle between a 'Heading' and 'Pitch' mode (which would explain why turning the Pitch Mode knob makes the Heading knob turn 'off'). If someone who has this plane could help me out, that would be awesome. Just absolutely no luck elsewhere, unfortunately.
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