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  1. @vanzunator You would have to swap out the calls I have in the INC and DEC functions (e.g. the VC_GSLD_FCU_HDG_incfast() function call is specific to the FSL module) to the PMDG and other module equivalents but it should otherwise work as-is after doing that. For PMDG stuff though it might be better to start with the profiles available over at Aerosoft: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/128-bravo-throttle-quadrant/
  2. Nope, very easy to access by clicking on the control you want to edit and going to FSLabs A3xx User Functions (or the equivalent User Functions for any other aircraft) -> Edit User Module and that will open the LINDA editor for the user.lua file where it's easy to paste code in from. The file is also easy to find within the LINDA directory inside the FSUIPC directory and to edit more directly with something like VS Code, but the encoding has to be set to Windows 1252 for this to work or with any other editor. I just updated my script on gist to how I have it now which is working for the most part, I also have SHIFT functions setup for different speeds; by default (unshifted) HDG will move at 5 degrees at a time and then when shifted will move 1 degree at a time. It's a bit rough due to how LINDA can only work so fast when the dial is rotated, not sure if there's a way around that. Another way to do this would be with the Honeycomb Configurator and to simply plug in the same values the LINDA module uses there, though good luck figuring that out since their documentation has been next to nonexistent. If you have any issues make sure to also hit Reload LUA Engine on the LINDA Settings page.
  3. That cleared the syntax error, thanks! I then had an encoding issue of "unexpected symbol near 'ï'" which I was able to resolve by viewing the file in VS Code with the Windows 1252 encoding (mentioning this in case anyone else has this problem). My script is working as expected, will expand it to work with selection for the dial. When you get a chance, is there a function for checking whether a button is currently pressed? That would simplify this script quite a bit.
  4. Hi, jumping in here as a programmer myself. To me it looks like using shifted functions shouldn't even be needed, right? In our user.lua file we can define a variable that tracks what our knob is set to, functions for each "button press" correlating to each notch on the selector knob, and then a function that just checks what that initial variable is set to and calls the relevant function from the FSLabs A3xx lua file. Example: https://gist.github.com/RyanBreaker/3b77330628e5f1786d0e63527e8b56cb This could probably be made simpler by checking which "button" the selector knob is currently pressed for but I haven't found yet what function that is as I've been having trouble finding an API documentation for this (still new here), does one exist? The problem I've been having in the meantime though is that I can't get any log output from my user file on my button presses nor responses in the aircraft, and additionally I have a weird syntax error in the LINDA editor: Syntax error! Line -4 unexpected symbol near '�' I'd love to go to line -4 to find whatever that is if it's keeping my user.lua from loading but in my time as a dev I haven't seen anything like that, and my user.lua is otherwise the new default file besides those functions I added below the template comments.
  5. Yup looks like they are here, looking forward to that which may take a while. Also hoping the FlightFactor updates are real (777 v2). Thanks!
  6. Just wanted to first say that I absolutely love the quality of these courses, I picked up the Amsterdam because it appeared to be platform-agnostic and for only $10 totally worth it. I mostly just wanted to know how platform-agnostic the aircraft guides are, like if I had a plane in X-Plane of comparable quality to those used in these guides, could the guides still be considered a good resource, such as the FlyJSim Dash 8 in place of the Majestic or the FlightFactor A320 in place of the FSLabs the course is being developed on? Thanks!
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