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  1. And one more video! Harry Truman's Mount St. Helens Lodge is now complete in FSX. For a quick showcase, I loaded up a flight at Bear Meadow approximately 8 miles NE of Mount St. Helens. The flight begins by flying over a nearby ridge with Mount St. Helens in view, then transiting through Norway Pass for a skim of Spirit Lake's surface at 130 knots.After, I bring the helicopter back around and land it in front of Harry Truman's lodge, for a shutdown.
  2. Much progress has been made since the last post! Since I last updated, I've been hard at work pushing towards completion by modeling all the landmarks at Spirit Lake, most notably the Mount St. Helens Lodge at Spirit Lake, owned by 84-year-old Harry Truman. Harry Truman became a folk hero and overnight media sensation, with his steadfast refusal to leave his beloved lodge and mountain, saying "That mountain is a part of Truman and I'm a part of it!" I have several more buildings to compile and complete. Also, I am still trying to source a wider DEM terrain mesh pre-1980 for the area, but so far things are looking fantastic!
  3. SteveRosenow

    Default FSX Airports with Closed Runways

    KSHN - Sanderson Field - in Shelton, WA has a N/S runway that has been deactivated since the 1980s, and it's depicted as such in FSX.
  4. Things are coming along quite nicely! I've managed to realign Highway 504 to its pre-1980 alignment as well as realign Spirit Lake to its pre-1980 shoreline. In addition, I've begun testing prototype seasonal variations. So far, this is looking fantastic! Winter: Spring: Summer: Fall:
  5. Yes. There are terrain anomalies because the pre-1980 DEM region directly north cause a fairly small cliff to appear. It's due to the depth of the blast deposits and height of the current DEM over the pre-1980 DEM data. Otherwise, everything will mesh up
  6. It has been years in the making and finally, I am getting close to release. It has long been a goal of mine, to be able to fly around Mount St. Helens and experience what that sight was like, before the cataclysmic eruption on May 18, 1980. That eruption tore 1,400 feet off the top of the volcano and changed the landscape around it forever. Through some intrepid search and working in GIS software, I was able to come across a pre-eruption DEM of the peak gathered from topographic data in the late 1970s. After tedious conversion to Flight Simulator's required file format, I was able to compile that DEM into a usable terrain mesh file. In addition, I sourced a 1-meter-per-pixel aerial photograph of Mount St. Helens taken in late summer 1979. These screenshots show early development. It's designed to be compatible with ORBX FTN PNW mesh, however it will come with its own mesh as well. I am also realigning Spirit Lake's shoreline to pre-1980 contours as well as eliminating dozens of ponds in the debris flow. I will also eliminate Coldwater and Castle Lake as these lakes did not exist prior to 1980, and reroute Highway 504 to its original valley floor alignment. I hope to have it ready for release within a few months. In addition, I am coming out with an enhanced and updated scenery pack for Mount St. Helens as it currently stands. Updated visitor center models, updated scenery libraries and an enhanced user experience for the helicopter simulation enthusiast!