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  1. @SoJourned Hmm interesting, I wonder why would that be. Thanks for the tip
  2. I checked their product website, apparently they say its optional so if you have sub theres no need to buy the extension....does it let you arm the vnav?....because my vnav button on the 300 does not work
  3. Hey guys, sorry I haven't checked the notifications here but finally got a hold of carenado support and this what they said: apparently is just a placeholder 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hey guys, I'm having a little problem with carenado aircraft for the models phenom 300, tbm 850 and srs gtsx, I tried updating the navdata for these aircraft with my navigraph sub. installation paths are correct but when I go check they are still have the old databases showing. does anybody know if I'm missing something or did carenado never updated their stuff. I submitted a ticket to carenado few days ago but still no answer from them. any help is appreciated Thank you!
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