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  1. I solved it by manually copying all the files to SbuilderX\Tools, but now its giving me "Some textures could not be copied into the Tools/Bmps folder" those are: polys.txt lines.txt lands.txt waters.txt
  2. Hello, I am starting to try and make some scenery for my self to try first. Most tutorials required SBuilderX to get the mesh of the airports and their coordinates. I've installed SBuilderX313 and 315 but both are missing: Shp2Vec.exe BglComp.exe BglComp.xsd XToMdl.exe Managed_Crashed_Tree.dll Managed_Lookup_Keyword.dll I've downloaded SDK even the newer versions from Lockheed Martin. No matter what I do I cannot get it to see those files. I even pointed it toward it but it still doesn't work.Its been like a week and if this forum doesn't help I've basically given up. Thanks for any help. 😁