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  1. Again, thanks all for answers. So, based on your answers, I started to think that I should focus on RAM with frequency not higher than 4000MHz because I am the beginner in terms of memory overclocking and most probably I will not be able to achieve good results. As FunknNasty suggested, I have limited budget and RAM 3200/14 is much cheeper 🙂 As usual, I have additional question 🙂 I have read on some overclockers forum that if CPU and MOBO are only dual-chanel it is better to buy only 2 memory modules instead of 4 because it there is higher probability that 2 module setup will work better. Based on your experience, can you confirm it?
  2. Thank you all for prompt response. Unfortunatelly, my account on avsim dissapeared today suddenly and I had to create a new one. I do appreciate all your advises and I have additional questions 🙂 One of the reasons why I am affraid that 16GB of RAM might not be enough is one of the Rob's posts: "If anyone is interested, I've ordered another 16GB (same model 2X8) of G.Skill 4400Mhz RAM ... why you may ask. Good question, I was actually able to make P3D V4.4 use more than 16GB of RAM, 16.3GB to be exact ... with the following: Orbx NorCal Orbx Vector Default Maule AS4 + REX SF3D 2048/4096 cloud textures ChasePlane (clipping adjustments in camera.cfg to stop z-fighting) UTLive TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 (PR hi res 1024 terrain adjustment) OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=8192 TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 OPAQUE_SHADOW_DRAW_DISTANCE=8000 MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.0000 MaintainSystemCopyOfDeviceTextures=0 ENABLE_MEMORY_OPTIMIZATION=0 SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE=64000.000000 ... could have gone ot 128000.000000 which would have consumed more memory All other graphics settings were maxed out. When I started paging to my M.2 things got a little slow, so slow the audio even started to stutter. Had I been using a more complex aircraft like PMDG or FSL I think I would have been well in 17GB RAM usage ... so the moral of this story, 32GB of RAM is in order if one is going to push the P3D V4.4 envelope beyond "normal" UI configurations. Cheers, Rob." That is why, most probably I will buy 32GB but I wonder if number of RAM pices (2x16 or 4x8) makes a difference? G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 4400 are marked by producer as 16GB category RAM. Will system work correctly if I install 2 pairs of this memory? Will it work with same performance like with only one pair?
  3. Thank you all for prompt response. To clarify some issues, most of the time I fly with almost all settings maxed out. I do not think that P3D will use 32GB RAM by itself. I am just afraid that P3D + OS + Oculus + additional software for P3D (like weather engine, recording software) will use more than 16GB. So, if I understood correctly it looks that it is better to have 32GB with CAS14 at 3200MHz than CAS18 at 4000MHz: 14x2000/3200 = 8,75ns 18x2000/4000 = 9ns Is it true? Or slightly bigger latency (9 instead of 8,75ns) and significantly faster clock is better? What do you think about this RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB, DDR4, 32 GB,4133MHz, CL17 (F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR) 17x2000/4133 = 8,23ns Regarding power supply, I am planning to have 2x RTS2080Ti next year. Do I need 1000W for this? And last question. What custom loop cooling you would recommend (in reasonable price 🙂)? Reasonable price for me means good ratio between performance vs price. Once again thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I am P3Dv4 player. I fly both, GA and big airliners (including PMDG777). I have most of the ORBX addons (all global and regions addons + TE Netherlands), a lot of payware big airports and recently I fly a lot in VR using Oculus rift (with PMDG777 too). My current PC is used to fly and to normal work. I noticed that one yer later after fresh OS install P#D on my PC slows down significantly. I think that is caused by additional software which I use to normal work. That is why I am planning to buy a new PC which will be dedicated only to P3D. The old one will be used for normal work and to run weather engine for P3D on LAN. I have been reading topics related to the hardware for the last several months and finally, I hope that I have decision 🙂 but I need some advise. My current PC is: 4790K, ASUS Z87 PLUS. cheap 16GB RAM, ASUS 1080Ti 11GB, SATA SAMSUNG 128GB SSD for OS, SATA SAMSUNG 1TB SSD for P3D, Thermalright HR-02 - Macho Rev. B At the beginning I planned to buy i9-7940X as I read in one of threads on this website that size of cache memory matters a lot. Then 9700k and 9900k were developed and based on Rob Ainscough's thread I decided to build my new PC based on 9900K. So this is my new planned setup: - i9-9900K, - ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula, - SSD Samsung 970 PRO 512GB PCIe x4 NVMe for OS Win 10, - SSD Samsung 970 EVO 2TB PCIe x4 NVMe for P3D v4, - ASUS 1080Ti 11GB - at the beginning from old PC then in the next year I will replace it with RTX2080Ti - NZXT KRAKEN X62 V2, - RAM 32GB??? - power suply??? Now, I have problem which RAM I should buy. I was looking for RAM which Rob used in his last PC: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 4400 (PC4 35200) but it was only 16GB and I would like to put in my PC 32GB. However G.Skill Trident Z RGB, DDR4, 32 GB,CL18 is only 4000MHz, So, now I am not sure what to do. I think that I need more than 16Gb taking into account all ORBX products and upcoming US west coast in True Earth version + that I am using Oculus a lot. Currently 16GB should be enough but I want keep this new PC for next 5 years. What, in your opinion, will be the loss in performance going down with RAM from 4400MHz to 4000MHz. If significant then what RAM would you recommend instead? I have also two additional questions; - what power supply would you recommend? - Do you have any suggestion regarding cooling device? Now I use air cooling but I am afraid that with 9900k which I want to overclock it might not be enough and Kraken looks as a good ratio between performance and price? I am looking forward to any suggestions 🙂 best regards, Grzegorz
  5. FoxMulder1982

    AITRACKER X - question before buying

    Yes, of course I understand how the program and formation flight functions work - it is difficult to express precisely in a language that is not my native language - sorry for that 😳I mean the possibility of flying in formation and simulating acrobatics - even if the remaining planes will do exactly what I am and will be glued to me. Thank You for Your answere
  6. Hello everyone and sorry for my English, I hope it is understandable 😏I am interested in purchasing AITRACKER X. However, I would like to use only the Formation flights function for flights in the virtual aerobatic team without using other program functions. I'm not interested in watching AI planes or a custom camera system. I do the flights mainly in the cockpit and I do not watch aircraft from outside. As I wrote, I would like to fly in the formation simulating the aerobatic team.Therefore, I would like to ask if it is possible to use only one of the formation (porgram) functions without having to use the others, which are not needed for the purpose which I indicated? Best regards Grzegorz
  7. Hello all, Is de-icing anticipated in ugcx? If so, will it be possible to carry out the procedure on dedicated stands at the airport and without having to turn off the engines? Best regards Grzegorz
  8. Tahnk You for answere. I have the last version so I think it contains the above-mentioned fix. I have to try with VC without low_vas setting, from what I remember fix was about this optionIn default cessna looking from side to side also causes the image darkening but not as strong as in QW.I do not have a decorated 8 bit fix in your program. In diagnostics I have a message about VC off, but I did it on purpose and that in max texture load I have the value 1024 set - also deliberately set.I also use MOGWAISOFT - SHADE but I do not know if it has any impact - before I bought, I wrote to the publisher and asked for compatibility with your fixer and I got the answer that there should be no problems - I did not notice any one. Thanks for Your help
  9. FoxMulder1982

    A request from a novice user

    Thank You for help, I will try. Regards Grzegorz
  10. 1. Firstly do you have the payware fixer? Yes I have payware fixer - Your product 2. hen is the issue the same in DX9? I am a relatively fresh FSX user (previously FS9) and from the beginning I use DX10 with fixer 3. Is it the same with the fixer libraries uninstalled so the fixer is not involved? I did not try it 4. Does it occur with the default Cessna or is it specific to an aircraft? With QW787 - it's only one i use 5. Do you have the latest fixer installed? Yes, I have latest 3.5 As I mentioned in the previous post, maybe it has nothing to do with your product. I allowed myself to write on this forum in the hope that maybe someone has a similar problem or knows the source of information on how to get rid of it. Perhaps it is a matter of airplane texture - windshield
  11. Hello allI bought the program in beta stage, but I waited for its final version. Before I install the program and start learning about its capabilities (after descriptions and films I see that they are huge) I have some requestI would like to use it for a standard view in the virtual cockpit without any dynamic effects like with the basic camera in fsx and to perform walk around operations - I missed this very much.Could I ask for advice on how to set my preferred camera settings - are profiles ready for QW787? and how to set the option to perform walk around.Thank you in advanceGrzegorz
  12. Hi and sorry for my poor english I do not know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I will try.I use DXFixer and everything works fine. However, I have a small issue that I can not deal with. On night flights in the virtual cockpit, looking forward, everything is fine, when I turn my head to the left or right, the view outside the window is very dark - basically nothing can be seen (clouds, land, etc.).Rather, it has nothing to do with the fixer but I did not find any information on this subject, so I made a point to ask in this forum Best regards Grzegorz
  13. The problem may have been textures for tfs a343 in .dds format. I threw in bmp and so far I have no problem. It's a bit weird because from what I've read the dds format is dedicated to FSX - I also reduce the texture size to 1024 with mipmaping to not load too much VAS and I have a better FPS Thanks for Yours help
  14. Hi all, I have not had problems with FSX for a long time. This weekend I did three flights and each time I had CTD with another cause: first atc.dll, second ntd.dll and finally third windows.dll. Is it normal that in three days I have CTDs of different genesis?. In principle, I have not changed anything in FSX for a long time: I added only the AI plane from TFS A343 and painting to it: In fsx.cfg I have only hightmemfix = 1 and affinitymask = 14 (according to the recommendations to AS16) I also use the bufferpools = 0 entry. Fsx is very surprising works flawlessly many months and suddenly crashes three different errors in three flights. All this took place at the arrival to the destination airport. In flight I use only a few sceneries and I use only the scenery that I use for a particular flight. I read on this forum about solutions to these problems but it is surprising for me that they have occurred for various reasons.
  15. FoxMulder1982

    Witch license of p3d v.4.3?

    Hi all and sorry for my english I'm still a FSX user but I'm thinking about switching to p3d. There are several licenses on the manufacturer's website. I am asking for a hint which version to choose for the purposes of private use analogous to that of FSX? Best regards Grzegorz