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  1. lefsekling

    Outside textures not showing

    I have tried different things now, but I still can't get this to work. I downloaded an Aloha repaint (fsx_p3d_aloha_airlines_737-200_1970.zip), which is painted in DXT5 format, and supposedly tested in FSX-SE. The only thing that shows up are the wheels. I also tried the batch script presented here, converting everything in the standard TinMouse liveries nicely to DXT5 with mipmaps, but still only the wheels showing up. If I try to disable 'Preview DX10' the textures show up in the FSX menus, but the whole sim crashes when I try to load a flight. So, another blind alley there of course. This is such a weird problem. Are there some other textures I need to convert as well? Some transparent TinMouse textures that for some reason are on top of those I try to use, and therefore turns everything grey? I suspect something like that since only the wheels are showing. They were invisible (not even grey) before, so maybe the grey stuff wont affect these textures.
  2. lefsekling

    Outside textures not showing

    Aha, then I understand. Thanks a lot. I looked through the FAQ to see if this was an issue, but I only looked for 'textures' and not 'liveries'. Surely it says clear and simple at the bottom that this is a problem. I'll try to sort it out!
  3. Hi! I flew the beautiful TinMouse in FS9 several years ago, and was happy when I found out that she is still flying in FSX. I installed the plane yesterday, v1.40, but a funny thing occured. None of the paint textures will show up, and I have done everything exactly as they say in the installation readme. I also reinstalled, trying v1.30 only, but it was just the same. So, that's where I'm at. The aircraft.cfg file is the untouched original one that follows the v1.30 install. I suppose I have done something wrong, but I can't see what. I run FSX Steam Edition - could that be the problem?