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  1. That's the way I am doing it. But it still goes to the "HOME" page. This is FSX:SE running on W7. On my XP computer running an original FSX it works properly. Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  2. When I did that it went directly to the default flight. I would like it to go to the "FREE FLIGHT" page. Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  3. How do you get FSX:SE to bypass the "HOME" screen and start in the "FREE FLIGHT" screen? Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  4. I have been trying to move my XP FSX scenery to my W7 FSX:SE insallation. The directories all moved OK. But FSX:SE is not displaying the scenery objects. But the airport information part of the files is there. Why isn't FSX:SE displaying the AddOn Scenery? Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  5. On the Free Flight page I can setup a flight. I can then save this flight and make it my default flight if I want to. Where is this list kept. What is the filename? Bob Macklin
  6. I have FSX installed on an old XP machine. I am trying to find the flight info on this machine so I can copy it to the new W7 machine. What is the file name and where is it hidden? Bob Macklin
  7. I know that much but what is the name of the file? Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  8. I have FSX:SE installed on the new computer and it is running. I have copied my simobjects and addon scenery to the new installation and all seems to be working. I know FSX has list of saved flights. I would like to copy this list from the old computer. I don't want to have to start over. Where is this list? Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  9. Doesn't really matter. I cannot afford P3D. I'm going to stick with FSX
  10. I have been told I can upgrade from FSX to P3E. Will my FSX simobjects(the airplanes) and scenery work on P3D? Bob Macklin Seattle Wa
  11. My concern is will my FSX sim objects and scenery (ADE) run on P3D? Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  12. Thanks, I'll try FSX SE on payday (next week). I have 3 copies of FSX but all installations have been used. And 2 of my 3 XP machines have died of old age. They have been replaced by W7 machines because MS woun't allow you to install XP on a new machine. And W7 runs out in Jan. 2020. The FSX SE info says it will install on a XP machine. Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
  13. I just got home from the hospital. I did a lot of thinking about FSX while I was there. My son gave me a book about military aircraft from pre-WWII till current times. I have been running FSX on a XP machine. I have had to upgrade most of my computers to W7. I take it FSX SE is the replacment for FSX. Will my old FSX sim objects and scenery work with FSX SE? Bob Macklin Seattle, Wa
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