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  1. on the ground its completely fine nice and smooth but when I takeoff that's when it starts chugging when I depart. specs: i79700k gtx1070 16gb RAM
  2. my one is juddery only when I am in the sky and I try and move forward in cockpit and its like it pauses then it continues
  3. I ticked the top box and it seems better and I also deleted lgza as it seemed like it was causiong a problem
  4. No like I mean didn’t stutter it was lag no stutter and it’s still laggy
  5. Like on my last 4ghz processor it was amazing no lag chugging or anything like that
  6. Yeah but it’s over locked to 2100mhz and I don’t understand y it’s just the qw787 everything else is fine
  7. I recently upgraded my pc to a gtx 10603gb and i79700k I previously had a 7700 4ghz I’m now on 4.8ghz and the QW 787 is really bad as how when I takeoff it like clutters lags and also when I’m in the air and it’s at a really small airport also with my previous spec it was a lower spec and the qw 787 performed way better on that spec pls can someone help
  8. If I have my engines on or above idle all aircraft in p3d shakes and I’ve noticed on pmdg and other aircraft it’s the landing gear please help I cannot play as it looks really bad please
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