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  1. I had a reply from Dave about this issue " I just discovered that it is probably a problem with our server. I’m working to get it restored."
  2. Glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I updated to latest version this morning and thought it was something I did but I see others having same problem. I did a fresh install and same thing. I disabled windows firewall but still persistent problem.
  3. I am flying the FFA320 and this is a repeated problem so am mentioning it. Flying out of Toronto CYYZ on runway 5. Everything looks good and when you arrive at number one for departure it repeats over and over "Hold Short Number 1". Eventually when you get tired of listening to repeat loop over and over and pull out onto runway- xplane crashes. Using xplane 11.4 as 11.5 is too buggy and also using traffic global.
  4. I am having the same problem. If you use Command F1 you can see the active runways that Traffic Global is using. I program Pilot2ATC to match the active runways that Traffic Global is using but every time I file the flight plan, Pilot2ATC will change the flight plan to the runway it has in Airport Information. It doesn't matter what check boxes I click in Flt Pln tab on Pilot2ATC. I can have them all unchecked or Force Pilot Runway Selection. Nothing works- it always changes the flight plan. I even disabled the runways using Taxi Mint so that the runways are not listed as departure runways but it will still put in the departure runway according to its Info tab. Nothing works so you are taking off into oncoming traffic all the time.
  5. Is there anyway to reserve a Gate using Pilot2ATC? I recently downloaded Traffic Global and find it much better and easier to use than WT3 but often when I get to an airport, depending on the time of day there are no gates available - there are AI aircraft parked at all the gates.
  6. This question has probably already been posted but I find the search utilities in forums are terrible and I have already spent hours trying to export a flight plan to the FF A320 from Pilot2ATC. I recently purchased the A320 and see nothing but frustration around the internet of people trying to import plans into the A320. Some talk about a flight plan folder for the A320 (which is nowhere to be found on my computer) and others about a corte.in file but no one seems to have a clear answer that I can find.
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