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  1. I'll try to be as short as possible 😄 Greetings first of all, after almost 8 years of not touching this game, it's back in my PC and, obviously, I'm not up to date with the latest addons, tweaks and such so here I am, asking for your help. As always, I start off by making the terrain and sky all new and shiny...I honestly don't remember which combination of addons I used to adopt so I'll just make a list with all the "base addons" I have stored on my old PC: Ultimate Terrain, GE Pro, REX Overdrive, some FS Genessis Meshes (I don't even remember what the Meshes are for anymore) and 3D Lights Redux The 2 new addons I came across while reading thru the forum are FS9Evo and Full Environment 9. Which addons should I ditch, which addons should I keep using and are there any new ones I should know about? Internet weather is dead so I assume I have to find an addon for that. For the traffic, I've been using Adobe AI Traffic, I guess nothing new and fancy has emerged in the meantime. That's pretty much all atm, I'll start messing around with the .cfg and nvidia inspector. Thanks
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