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  1. I really have to recommend FSX-SE I've tried XPlane 10 and 11, and I have P3D versions 2,3, and 4 but I still fly with FSX-SE the most. In my opinion it still has the best support be it unofficial, the best aircraft and the best scenery, and for me I have to say it runs the best. XPlane is improving but it's still unpolished and has its problems, P3D feels like FSX only with slower frame rates and all of the fun taken out of it. FSX-SE is still like that fun old friend that you like to hang out with at the sports bar, P3D is like going out with your wife and mother in law. You're still at the sports bar but there's zero fun factor there. I have an Extreme 3D Pro joystick and it works perfectly fine in Windows 10, I also use an Xbox 360 controller which also works great with FSX, in my opinion it's much better than a joystick for FSX.
  2. I've flown in GA aircraft and obviously commercial aircraft, but as a passenger, I'm no pilot, but there's many accounts of simmers taking flight lessons and the first thing that they always say is the feeling of piloting an actual plane is completely different than what it was when they were sitting in front of a computer.
  3. I gave up on FSX a long time ago because I sadly couldn't get it to run anymore and started using P3D, but maybe I'm late to the ball game but I recently installed FSX-SE and DX10 Fixer and I'm amazed. It runs flawlessly. I've been flying now pretty heavily for the last couple weeks reliving the old FSX missions and I haven't had any crashes, no flickering, it's smooth as glass. I've pulled all my old guide books out of storage. It's beautiful. I think if they haven't more people need to try it again. P3D always seemed to me like it was FSX with all the fun extracted which is what I think ESP was, now I'm definitely back to FSX. These are my specs: Win 10 i7-8700K 32 GB memory GTX 1070Ti
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