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  1. faiding

    TFDi 717 + SLI Review

    Based off of the overwhelming number of "buy it!"s I read on the TFDi 717, and the otherwise lack of recent reviews (2+ years ago), I decided to cave and buy it. I bought it somewhat naively assuming that the CTD issue must be relegated only to the most degenerate of pilots, but found myself landing more frequently on the desktop than the runway not long after my first flight. Here's a condensed review that I wish I would have read before I paid $60 on it: With the CTD issue, you have three solutions: You can do nothing, and play Russian roulette every time you change views You can open a tiny 1x1 inch "new view" using the "[" key and leave it, as well as about 10% of your FPS, in a small corner and pretend you don't see it You can pretend you're a real pilot, and not Superman, and forbid yourself from the physically impossible task of zooming yourself inside, out and about your aircraft at a whim TFDi's formal response on the matter is that it's not their fault, despite most people literally never having this problem with other aircraft. So that's that. But that's not all, if you're foolish enough to want more performance out of your system and decided to go SLI, there's a good chance you'll also be blessed with incessant, seizure-inducing display gauge flickering. With the flickering, you have two solutions: You can disable SLI and join the rest of the "economy class" out there You can play TFDi 717 in "hard mode". In hard mode, you basically try to fly without looking at the displays whatsoever. Like they used to 100 years ago. TFDi's formal response on the matter is that it's not their fault, despite most people literally never having this problem with other aircraft. So that's that. The concerning part isn't so much that these major bugs exist (and have existed for over a year now). The concerning part is that their dev team (or whatever's left of it) has taken the formal stance that "it's not their problem". That means unless properly-working code is summoned from a higher power and sneaks its way into your computer, these issues are permanent. And yes, their support forums are a ghost town. So, an accurate review that would have been useful to me would have been: If you don't mind paying $60 to slash 40% of your graphics performance and an additional 10% of FPS for an addon to function at a "sort of like PMDG" level, lost to the sea of abandoned support, then the TFDi 717 is the perfect plane for you.
  2. No issues here using the Vive Pro. My settings are default, except HMDDisplayMode is set to Single-Pass and OnScreenDisplayMode is Single. Getting a good 10-20 more FPS after the update. I've tested the default F-22, PMDG 747-800 and NGX. Hoping to test the Majestic soon.
  3. faiding

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    I've noticed an improvement in FPS, so figured I'd make an account here and post results. There is a substantial (10-20 FPS) improvement in VR and marginal (5-10 FPS) improvement without. I did a test flight via the PMDG 747-800 from Orbx ESSA to Mega Airport EGLL. Normal FPS on the ground ranged from 40-60 and in the air varied 45-70. FPS in VR on the ground was 25-35 and in the air was around 30-40. Display: FXAA on, 2xSSAA, Anisotropic 16x, Ultra - 4096x4096, VSync and Trible Buffering on, unlimited target frame rate World: terrain max with use-high res checked, scenery complexity max, draw distance very high, autogen density dense, dynamic 3d autogen off; everything else medium Lighting: HDR lighting on, dynamic lighting on VR Settings: HMDDisplayMode Single-Pass, OnScreenDisplayMode Single My installation steps: 1. Uninstall client via add/remove programs, installed 4.5 via instructions on Prepar3d 2. Uninstall scenery via add/remove programs, installed 4.5 via instructions on Prepar3d 3. I did not install the content update 4. Reinstalled Orbx Base 5. Deleted shaders, then reinstalled Matt Davie's preset in PTA 6. Reset scenery library order (it was mis-configured when I reinstalled Base) Addons: Rex Skyforce 3D with resolutions maxed, ActiveSky with default settings, ORBX (Global, Europe + America openLC, FTX trees), and a slew of Flightbeam, FlyTampa and Mega Airport addons Hope this helps. PC specs are in sig.