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  1. Hi, It's a pity that I didn't change the date in the sim... It was as simple as W6kd... The year was set to 2006 whenever I started FSX and it had always caused the problem... I changed it to 2019 and it worked perfectly... Anyways thanks to Peter as well... Regards
  2. Hi, It was a usual flight today from Athens to Doha... I passed 10,000 feet and I turned off the landing lights... After a second, all the navigation displays went black one by one... I know this is a known problem in the 737 and 747, but I've never heard this problem with the 777... Can anyone provide me a solution for this... Thanks, Mohammed
  3. Thanks a lot.. I'll try it out once i get back to my home today.. Hope it works...
  4. Hi, Many times I just go with what is set as default by the sim... If I'm flying on VATSIM tho I change the date to the present date... Should that be a problem ?
  5. Hi, I have been flying the PMDG Products for quite a decent amount of time for now and I'm facing this new issue for the past 2 months... I Update the AIRAC and it successfully does get copied in the PMDG folder... However, when I load in a flight (777/737) in the page before the POS INIT in the FMC it says "AIRAC NOT UP TO DATE".. But, In the page before the POS INIT, it displays the active AIRAC and a positive validity range... Can someone help me with this? Thanks, Mohammed
  6. Hi, I've been using Vpilot (Software for VATSIM) for a quite a bit of time, now all of a sudden for the past 2 months i am facing this issue- Whenever I start Vpilot, it does not open immediately and also it makes my computer freeze... I leave it untouched for a few mins and my computer gets back to normal... I have never faced this is issue earlier but now I'm facing it... I have tried re-installing it multiple times, running it in admin mode and compatibility mode for Win 7 and 8 but no luck. Any Solutions ASAP would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Mohammed
  7. Oh ok... Thank you for the immediate response... And also, any ideas whether this would be fixed in the near future ??.. If yes, when would it be... Thanks, Mohammed
  8. Hi, It has been 6 months since I purchased CP (Chase plane) and till now I'm facing an issue with the preset views in it... In every aircraft, in any preset view, if the aircraft is turning right, the preset view of the FMC "moves away" from its original position as it was in the ground until the time of takeoff... If the aircraft is turning left, all the views move away from the original position... This in a way is very annoying as I have to switch from FSX's fullscreen and open CP to reset the view back every time this happens... Any response ASAP would be greatly appreciated... Thanks, Mohammed
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