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  1. Fixed it. My bad. Turns out there were two modules in the add-ons...found the second one. All good now. Happy Flying.
  2. I've been using FS2004 with several add ins for 15 years. I like it, it doesn't tax or stress my system, and really, once in the air, its all the same, isn't it. Somewhere in the past, I'd purchased a Schiphol scenery add-on that gave me all the jetways at the gates. Since I like to flay trans atlantic and land at Schiphol, an airport I've been to dozens of times over the last couple of decades, that is my hub. A few weeks ago, I had to reinstall Windows 7 and all associated programs. All went well until I try to run the file. I launch it, get the prompt to allow it to make changes, then nothing. Tried everything, admin, safe boot, that's the only file that wont respond. The file is about 250 mb and called EHAM.exe. I can't remember where I bought it from. I thought it might be the Aerosoft Mega Airport Amsterdam X, so I bought that, but all that did was add a bunch of ant like vehicles that dart across the tarmac. I don't mind buying it again, just don't know where or who. I do remember when I had to change hard drives about 5 years ago, that file reinstalled without any issues. Just now, it won't play nice. Anyone help with this?
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