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  1. Hello Thank you for comment. I contacted CLS support but I didn't get a reply, so I asked a question in this forum. I'll wait for a little more reply
  2. Hello, even after you purchase the CLS A330 in simmarket, if you enter the registration code to the installer, you can not access the registration script. Please try again later. " I bought it yesterday and got an error, so I tried it today, but it was no good today.
  3. Thanks for your comment When I changed the values of rudder_limit and rudder_area in the [airplane geometry]section referring to other forums, the nose gear started to move up to 90 °, but I could not be satisfied with the sense of operation and the gap. Find time again and try a lot
  4. 左右にタキシングする場合、ステアリングが最大に曲がっていても、ノーズギアは45°程度しか動きませんが、航空機で編集することはできます。 cfg、約90°に移動しますか?
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