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  1. TitoRiv


    SOLVED: 1. A "COMPLETE" uninstall of ALL Carenado files and folders. 2. Restart Computer 3. Installed Carenado SVS first. 4. Installed Carenado SR22 second. 5. Restart Computer (Prepar3d v4 crashed without the restart. 6. Launched Prepard3d v4 and selected SR22 and the SVS works.
  2. TitoRiv


    There was definitely insinuation of theft there :( IF you can't help just say so. BTW I'm having the same issue with the SR22 v2.1 for Prepar3d v4. Just bought SVS and the darn thing wont work. I tried reinstalling both SVS as well as the SR22 and still no joy. I also tried manually clicking on start.bat and all I get is a pop up "Could not start the server - check log file". This company is probably making a few hundred thousand dollars from good paying customers - and all I see across forums is complaint after complaint. Way too many bugs - the evidence of a good programmer that does not bother to beta test a product. and we should not have to do all this d$m tweaking! :(
  3. TitoRiv

    again error

    Sorry search is not always your friend. I have done that procedure like 10 times and I get the same result. I'm using PTA 2.66 with Prepar3D V4.5. I have tried deleting the shader folder and running the client and I have tried deleting PTA and running as Administrator on a new copy. Sorry but it shouldn't take all this ...
  4. TitoRiv

    WIP preview of my freeware Hondajet

    When is this going to be released?
  5. TitoRiv

    Cielosim KJAX

    Update: I just reinstalled Prepar3D v3 and the installer I received from Alex Ranc will not install in v3 either. Oh make no mistake - when I double click on the installer it goes through the motions of installing but when the installer finishes and I go to check folders, and add scenery there is absolutely nothing. Not in v3 or v4. Is this business legit? Can a Moderator chime in on Cielosim? Is this a real Flightsim developer? I'm just looking for an understanding.
  6. TitoRiv

    Cielosim KJAX

    Honestly, I am starting to have my doubts about how legit some of these responses are here in regards to Alex Ranc/Cielosim and KJAX for PreparD v4. I purchased this product and it does not even install the scenery at all. I can't find any folders or files in my computer for this airport. They are certainly not in any folder of Prepar3D v4. I checked all of them not just the scenery or addon folder. I've also tried some of the fixes mentioned in here and still it did not work. I'm noticing how many posts some users have here who have commented that the scenery is working in v4 and I find that the amount of their posts is low - just a little suspect for me - no offense intended. As you can see I have one post and that's because I signed up just to insert this comment on this thread. By the way I have yet to get a response from the developer about my request for a refund. His site clearly says that there is a 30 day refund guarantee. To be honest - I am starting to question the integrity and legitimacy of this developer and his website. Can anyone chime in if they've had a similar experience?