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  1. JackaboyChan

    Jetways won’t connect to PMDG B738

    I dont really know what orbx is can you explain please? I'm currently trying different gates to see if they work but no luck yet
  2. JackaboyChan

    Jetways won’t connect to PMDG B738

    Well, I’m at YMML(Melbourne airport) and at gate E7. I don’t have GSX or anything, but something helpful to note is that the gate that I’m at in real life isn’t one of the major ones, so maybe that’s why it isn’t working. Can I get a reply saying what SODE is?I’m sorry😂 But if it’s an add on I don’t have it ive got advanced animations on, as well thanks
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone knew what is happening or what I’m doing wrong here. So when I start the 737 in short panel state, set parking brakes, set chocks, etc., I open the door and press control-j for the jetway. But even when I have the plane right 100% on the line, the jetway will not move. I hope someone can give me some tips or a fix if it’s to do with the plane itself