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  1. Hi guys, I have ran into a problem when I try to install ptp liveries in the operations centre 2.0, I am not able to zoom in or out to click the install button, anyone know any solution or how to resize the window btw this screenshot I took is in full screen mode? https://imgur.com/Sq0HTgT
  2. Greetings, I have installed UGCX for about a week or two, it is so far so good, but I have run into a problem, when I try to get a push back for Aerosoft A32o family, when I ask for a push back at the gate the green menu bar keep telling me to remove the chocks, but after I have checked, the chocks are removed and yet the green bar still show remove the chocks, and it has only happened on Aerosoft Airbus, anyone have that problem as well? Angus Channing
  3. Yes, I have open a ticket and open a topic on report bug alreayd, but seems like no much people go on to the forum so I decided to ask on Avsim as well
  4. Hello, guys I have accidentally uninstalled the projectfly client app, and when I download the app installer it doesn't open and said This app can't run on your PC To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher Anyone have any ideas what to do? Happy flying Channing
  5. I have done that also, but the registry still list my p3d file showwing in my c drive, do you know if there is any way that I can manually program the P3d path on SODE manager?
  6. https://imgur.com/a/YOxEiCQ So because my C drive is running out of space, I have reinstalled my p3d file on my D drive but when I try and install GSX, this message came out, anyone knows how to change the SODE path? Happy landing!! Channing
  7. https://imgur.com/kZuGItH Anyone knows what is the white lines about, because I am pretty sure that some terrain is missing inside the white lines. The location is Hong Kong by the way, the only add on I have for Hong Kong is FlyTampa KaiTak
  8. So the whole airport sink into the ground This is El Alto International Airport(SLLP) in Bolivia
  9. https://imgur.com/fG8RTxX https://imgur.com/BtU2sCg This is the status of my GSX which I bought it few days ago, I believe that this is the full version, right?
  10. Hi, anyone know what I should do to customize the gate in GSX, I have tried but I can't find any gate at the airport https://imgur.com/DKuQ6If
  11. https://ibb.co/t3hjy38 https://ibb.co/CBR3vWC This is what it looks like on the ground
  12. I have just installed the FlywithTempa and AEROSKY PRODUCTION - REALSHADE into my p3d, and the sky started to flash and became so weird https://ibb.co/5cnQPDC
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