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  1. IncreaseVS

    MadDog-X, PMDG 737 NG, or FSLabs A320? | Track IR?

    Thanks! I be shopping around on eBay to see if I can grab a good deal. The only problem is my setup, I have two monitors but only use one to play FS, which happens to be the one 'left' of my primary display.
  2. Hello, Unfortunately, I'm not having too much luck getting support over at Orbx: here is the thread. They even marked my thread as answered and did clearly did not watch the video, I am hoping the developer will chime in eventually... It looks like the fix is not as easy to obtain as we once previously thought... Also here is a P3D thread where we go in-depth in the issue. There is a debate on whether or not this is a base game issue/Orbx issue. For me, I found it to be fixed by disabling NorCal, for others they have similar issues. Regards,
  3. IncreaseVS

    MadDog-X, PMDG 737 NG, or FSLabs A320? | Track IR?

    Hey, Thanks! I might bite the bullet on the FSL, I'll have to mull it over for a couple of more days though! I'm a Boeing guy but by no means cannot enjoy a good aircraft! Thanks, I checked it out! Regards,
  4. Hello, Before I go dig myself deeper into the sim-pit; I was curious to hear your opinions about the MadDog-X, PMDG 737 and the FSLabs A320. It is my understanding that the MadDog-X is a newer model coming into P3D and that the PMDG 737, still an extremely realistic and detailed model, is showing it's age. Most expensive of all, the FSLabs A320, is it really that good to justify being almost $60 more than the MD-80 and 737? Additionally, I've heard some pretty negative connotations about FSLabs especially regarding their malware and graphical bugs. Unfortunately, I am only interested spending in filling my hangar with one of these short haul options, that is until PMDG 737NG3 comes out 🙂. In your opinion, what is the better option for the time being? --- Also, I am interested in the Track IR system and am wondering if anyone who has it thinks their investment is worth the experience? Thanks in Advance! Regards,
  5. Hello, Yeah... I love X-Plane's scenery system so much more than P3D's: curved runways, etc. I gave-up it up after I saw the lack of quality of their payware developers after buying a couple of their overpriced products. Imagine a 767 selling for $92 for something comparable off rikyooo. Realism for the price is extremely important to me but you only spend 3 minutes on the ground in comparison to 5 hours in the air; thus my switch from X-Plane. I posted a troubleshooting message to Orbx and will see what comes of it. I'll let you know for a fix! I hope it doesn't require spending copious amounts of money, but I'll do it if it fixes it! Regards,
  6. Hello, Thank you so much Mr. Young! I've been wrong to think that this was a base game issue. I own 4 different scenery enhancements, all of which produced by Orbx: Global, Vector, openLC NA, and Norcal. When I disabled Orbx NorCal I flew into KSFO 28R without an issue; never mind the grass on the runway, one problem at a time 😣! After I completely disabled Orbx NorCal, I re-enabled it to attempt to adjust the scenery load priority to have the "Mesh" component of NorCal be pushed all the way at the bottom. Although this fixed the grass on the runway, the elevation data confliction problem made a nasty reappearance. After a little more digging I instead moved the "CVX" component of NorCal to all the way at the bottom, which then fixed the elevation confliction, however thus by doing so "sinking" the textures below/ontop of the runway causing a nasty flickering and splotchy grassy runway. It's quite frankly disappointing to having seen Orbx as a "one-click" scenery solution but then to find out the problems it causes at the airports I fly into. Especially since spent over $100 and exclusively for Orbx products and their advertised compatibility. I come from X-Plane and was sick of Ortho4XP and downloading 80GBs of uncompressed DDS images 🙃... I'll take this over to the Orbx forums for further troubleshooting and cross-post the solution for all to see! Hey Cyyz, Unfortunately they did not have KSFO listed as an option airport to "correct" in the AEC tool. I've recently and entirely given up on flying to some of my favorite airports! I've been doing some more reading and FSG replaces the base elevation data for P3D. Orbx also happens to use a version of FSG in the making of their products. I believe this would be an expensive fix. I'll see how far I get on the Orbx forums; if push comes to shove I'll buy FSG in a last ditch effort. I I'll keep you posted. Regards,
  7. Hello, Oh, this is a base game issue. When yourmesh resolution is higher, you will thus have "clear" terrain which includes jagged edges. Your plane will almost certainly be sucked into the hole on final (larger planes only). Regards,
  8. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion, does it fix the problem of getting sucked into the runway? Regards,
  9. Hello, I sent an email to the the pilots shop a couple days back and they never replied. I would buy the product to try it but I don't fly VFR enough to justify the cost if it doesn't fix anything... Could anyone who has the product chime in? Also as far as I know, there is no official support forum for "FSG" products either... Regards,
  10. Hello All, I'm sure this has happened to some of you with high mesh resolution settings. When a user flies over a runway with a "cliff" or sharp terrain changes on final, and at or slightly below the glide slope with a "heavy aircraft"; P3D will suck the aircraft in the ground. Here are various examples of what happens to my aircraft when I fly over a sharp terrain change (1m Mesh Resolution) on final: (30:08) if the link does not take you there The video documents FSX however this happens still in P3D using the default mesh. More specifically, I first experienced it when on a KSFO RW28R final in the PMDG 747-8. Here are some detailed pictures of problematic areas (from a different user in a P3D bug report thread). It appears the only solution currently on the default P3D software is to lower the mesh resolution (higher numerically) which is not much of a fix at all; in addition to changing the scenery to a lower quality. --- I having been struggling with this issue for a while and have come upon Pilot's FSG Mesh Which has more detailed elevation data. I was wondering if a user could confirm this issue to be fixed with his product; its worth every penny of the $80 if it gets this annoying bug fixed! Thanks!