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  1. All good, I think I have it fixed. The only thing I don't seem to be able to fix is the military file, so the buildings from that aren't showing and I can't work out how to fix that. From what I can see the airport and the ga_hangers are all showing. I'm not sure if I can link to the files here but i'll try. The filenames will need changing back to their originals names or something too or at least making sure the original files are moved so fsx doesn't try and load both these and the original copies. Screenshots, p3d v4 [ https://ibb.co/KWqQPwR https://ibb.co/gmSL3v4 ] files [ https://ufile.io/xo79zbgu https://ufile.io/dj7zv1ej ]
  2. Did you get this fixed already ? I just had a quick look and it appears the taxiways and the hangars are missing in p3d. The hangars were easy to fix although I don't know if I need the authors permission.. for the taxiways i'd probably need your original pre-compiled airport file to fix that up if it still needs doing.
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