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  1. ign939

    PMDG 777 ILS at PARK

    The ILS Frequency is always at "Park" and I have to manually set the frequency and course. Is there a way to set it in autotuned ILS frequency?
  2. This is what Happens when I update it to the latest version of PMDG 747: (There is a pop up that will appear that says😞 "Your Boeing 747-400 QOTSII Base Package is not yet activated. Please select and activate a PMDG747-400 variant first. Note that there are separate product keys for the 747-400 Base Package and the 747-8 extension package. The simulation will now exit." Please fix this issue PMDG So basically I can't run the 747-8 after the PMDG 747-400 v3.00.9431 update.
  3. I have a problem here about PMDG Operations Center. My PMDG 747 is in v3.00.9008 but I want to update it with v3.00.9193 considering that the only available version is v3.00.9431. Is there any way to update it with only the version that I want? because I am having problems with the latest version available.