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  1. UzverUA

    Pilot2ATC Perfomance problem

    Got it. Thank you!
  2. I have 8gb. I know that Dave recommended 16GB minimum. I just can't afford it. For now. So i want to ask you, Dave, to help me with optimization of this program. Which windows i can hide or which options i can "uncheck" to get better perfomance? Now i'm suffering from freezes. Loading - 3-4 minutes. Connecting - 3-4 minutes. Import plan with just two points(dep and arr) takes 3-4 minutes(disable calculating safe enrouts helps here). File plan - another 4 minutes. But this is ok. I can wait. But i can't wait, when app "not responding" for 3 minutes before ATC give me answer for my request. But the most suffering thing is moments when app working fine but just don't process my requests. I say "Say altimiter" 10 times, and nothing happen. But app still works. I can move map and etc. And after 5-7 minutes i get answer on my question. 10 answers in a row... Dave, i beg you to help me with this. And sorry for my English, it's not my native)