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  1. Hello there, i have a question regarding the light you see in the following pictures (there are some other pictures that show the exact position (when you start at "UK10" (Plockton) if someone would like to check it out): i am using Orbx Global, Orbx OpenLC Europe and Orbx GES, when i deactivate OpenLC Europe, the lights are gone. Is this how it is suppodes to look or is something corrupted there? Would be great if someone could have a look. Thanks Sebastian
  2. @SteveW Ok thank you, but you said something about and What did you mean with that? Thank you
  3. Could you explain that to me please ?
  4. Mind if you show us your settings?
  5. A) It would be great to know which "bad tweak" is the reason that P3D is not working correctly anymore (i also think that it's not a different tweak for every user, just a couple of the same things that could be avoided if known) B) That should be possible to be changed in the normal options screen as well and shouldn't make it necessary to generate a new Config-File. "or something": That's exactly the point, we (or you) want to know that "or something", because it has to be something specific (or as is said above, a couple of things) and not some mystic and/or magic thing that does it's thing. Regards Sebastian
  6. Do you have still both files available and could compare them with a Software designed for that? Or you could upload it for others (me for example) to check it.
  7. Another question, as i am curious about it: Did someone do a detailed comparison of his/her old config-file and the newly generated One? Because there must be a reason for this to work und no "magic" involved. Looking forward to your answers.
  8. Hello, i have the problem, that the "Raw Input"-Mode for my controls is not working correctly. When i switch to that mode, for example the Hat-Switch on my Joystick is just working in one direction. When switching back to "Direct Input" everything is working fine. As it is discussed in other Threads as well, it seems that it has to do somethinh with the installation of A2A-Addons, so i uninstalled theese to test it but that made no difference. I don't have set an A2A aircraft as a default plane, what seems causing this problem for some people. Here are some other threads about the same topic: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/5248 ... ion-in-v4/ http://prepar3d.us/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=132570 https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=123182 https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=60568 in the last thread is is said by A2A that "This is a P3D settings issue", so is there any REAL solution for this so far? as i said, changing the inpud method to "Direct Input" solves it, but that is not a real solution and just a workaround in my eyes. It woudl be great if there is a real solution to this. Thank you very much! Regards Sebastian
  9. Ok, so here are the details: Latest, Latest as well, 2.66 (the one with the bug, telling you that there is a newer version available) The preset that is not working is exactly this: Adam_PTA_266_02 The working one is this one: PTA2-Saldo 4_5 v16 - Jun Eglin AFB (KVPS), Runway 19 F-22 Raptor - 52th Fighter Squadron 30.05.2017 Spring - Day 14:00:00 16.06.2019 02:21 AM UTC+2h (Germany) FXAA: Off AA: 8xMSAA Texture FIltering: Anisotropic 16x Texture Resolution: 4096x4096
  10. So i tried disabling the " aircraft lighting and VC lighting tweaks" but no difference, still a grey preview picture. Thank you for your help anyway! Regards
  11. Ok, sorry for the late answer first of all. It happens with the default F-22 as well as with other addon aircrafts, when the F-22 isn't showing correctly, i can switch to antother plane, but everywhere the same problem. And yes, i used the presets directly after each other and also at the same Day/Nighttime the one shows correctly, the other doesn't. As i wrote before, also Adam's preset worked again for some time (at night), but is now not working anymore. Really strange. I also will do that, when i find the time for that. Thank you Regards Sebastian
  12. Hi Adam, thank you for your quick response, i use this preset: https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/pta-presets/adam-pta-266_02/ it has been working all the time and suddenly the problem appeared, i tried it again and it‘s working at the moment (in my country it‘s night at the moment, so maybe it has something to do with it) i will try/compare again tomorrow at around afternoon and will then report what‘s happening. But what i can say that (maybe yesterday or the day before) it was NOT working with the preset „adam-pta-266_02“ and it DID work with this: http://members.casema.nl/gsalden/PTA2-Saldo 4_5 v16 - Mai.rar inbetween i did also install default shaders and also did a „reinstall“ of PTA. And as you said it‘s not a problem when flying, it‘s just the preview screen. Regards Sebastian
  13. Hello, i have the problem that i get grey aircraft previews (not actually grey i discovered, but very low color) in P3D v4.5 HF1 with PTA 2.66, like you can see in this picture: it happens with the preset from this site: https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/pta-presets/ the weird thin is, that i have used this preset for some time and had no problems with it and now this error has occured. I tried a different preset from R&D, and this seems to work so far. It would be great if someone has an Idea what's going on here. Thank you very much. Regards Sebastian
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