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  1. Ok, so here are the details: Latest, Latest as well, 2.66 (the one with the bug, telling you that there is a newer version available) The preset that is not working is exactly this: Adam_PTA_266_02 The working one is this one: PTA2-Saldo 4_5 v16 - Jun Eglin AFB (KVPS), Runway 19 F-22 Raptor - 52th Fighter Squadron 30.05.2017 Spring - Day 14:00:00 16.06.2019 02:21 AM UTC+2h (Germany) FXAA: Off AA: 8xMSAA Texture FIltering: Anisotropic 16x Texture Resolution: 4096x4096
  2. So i tried disabling the " aircraft lighting and VC lighting tweaks" but no difference, still a grey preview picture. Thank you for your help anyway! Regards
  3. Ok, sorry for the late answer first of all. It happens with the default F-22 as well as with other addon aircrafts, when the F-22 isn't showing correctly, i can switch to antother plane, but everywhere the same problem. And yes, i used the presets directly after each other and also at the same Day/Nighttime the one shows correctly, the other doesn't. As i wrote before, also Adam's preset worked again for some time (at night), but is now not working anymore. Really strange. I also will do that, when i find the time for that. Thank you Regards Sebastian
  4. Hi Adam, thank you for your quick response, i use this preset: https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/pta-presets/adam-pta-266_02/ it has been working all the time and suddenly the problem appeared, i tried it again and it‘s working at the moment (in my country it‘s night at the moment, so maybe it has something to do with it) i will try/compare again tomorrow at around afternoon and will then report what‘s happening. But what i can say that (maybe yesterday or the day before) it was NOT working with the preset „adam-pta-266_02“ and it DID work with this: http://members.casema.nl/gsalden/PTA2-Saldo 4_5 v16 - Mai.rar inbetween i did also install default shaders and also did a „reinstall“ of PTA. And as you said it‘s not a problem when flying, it‘s just the preview screen. Regards Sebastian
  5. Hello, i have the problem that i get grey aircraft previews (not actually grey i discovered, but very low color) in P3D v4.5 HF1 with PTA 2.66, like you can see in this picture: it happens with the preset from this site: https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/pta-presets/ the weird thin is, that i have used this preset for some time and had no problems with it and now this error has occured. I tried a different preset from R&D, and this seems to work so far. It would be great if someone has an Idea what's going on here. Thank you very much. Regards Sebastian
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