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  1. No I can log in fine. Hopefully that means your being added!
  2. I'm deeply sorry that your feelings are hurt. However, you said that you want Microsoft and Asobo to do more for insiders, but you gave zero suggestions about it. Maybe throw some suggestions and they may notice, otherwise patience, patience.
  3. Aww, I'll miss my 787 pigeon. But yeah, most of the planes they showed shouldn't really flex unless they are under extreme conditions. I noticed the A320 during the landing seeming to flick up just a tad.
  4. What the hell do you want them to do. Really, like. What do you want. All your saying is that you want them to do more but dont provide any solutions on what other stuff they should give.
  5. According to the NDA agreement. You are not allowed to do the following. Posting a fact that you are downloading the insider build doesn't seem to follow any of those.
  6. Nice! Cant wait to try it when I head home. Also for those who dont know you aren't allowed to discuss it if you got in since your under NDA. https://www.flightsimulator.com/guidelines-nda/
  7. Bloody hell its like the sims already been on life support. It isn't even out yet and people are acting like they have discovered a time machine and found out that Asobo was lying the whole time and France burst into riots. We have insider builds with well, insiders so its not just 'marketing' they are showing since they are literally giving an unfinished build of the game to try. Which is pretty word not allowed rare when it comes to game development. Also they straight up told you the expectations! During the World Feature Showcase the best case scenario for all buildings is having photogrammetry data as well as accurate height and satellite information, around 400 cities have the photogrammetry data and most others will have good height and satellite information. And thats not assuming AI can clean things up. Yes AI isn't magical but it can have a pretty good guess on good training data. If you are able to somehow collect 2PB worth of drives, connect them all to eachother, download all the scenery on the planet, mark every tree on the planet setup every river accurately on the planet, setup every mountain and terrain levelling accurately on the planet, have photogrammetry of over 400 cities. Then let me know. They genuinely seem very passionate about this project and I'm sure even if it doesn't meet all of our expectations it will still be lightyears ahead of the current offering.
  8. Its not pre-rendered which means its all ingame footage which is fantastic. Some people had doubts I'm guessing OR its just titled that since they might have a version that is rendered and they just released it with that title.
  9. I cleared my cookies and its now redirecting me to the insider home. Looks like its a bug or hopefully updating account.
  10. This forum has just really turned into a complaining party, yeah it sucks that you didnt get in but thats unfortunately life. We are exceedingly lucky that we even get the option to sign up for an Alpha, most game developers could not care less about having an Alpha and some even believe letting regular users playtest let alone give proper feedback just leads to problems. And the exact reason your complaining about is why developers usually try to avoid stuff like this, especially when its reasonably far out of launch compared to an open beta. People that get in are happy and discuss while those that dont just endlessly complain. Another complaint that seems to be commonly heard is that "I signed up on day one and I'm still not in while someone who signed up later got in!" I highly doubt they are basing invites on people who signed up first, the developers will have their own criteria for testing, 32GB of RAM since it may not be optimised fully yet and dont want endless bug reports about performance. That is why you took a survey, they are looking for people that are most appropriate for what they need tested. The insider forum will likely remain closed to everyone but insiders, its because the people in there are under NDA and like discussing the game and problems it may have, stuff that Asobo wouldn't want to be released publicly yet. The public forum will probably be up eventually for general conversation you would probably be able to discuss to your hearts content there about the game but dont expect any insider info. Based on the practically zero leaks that have come out from the simulator just shows that people are enjoying it, (hopefully) assisting with feedback, bugs, etc and seems very much not wanting to let it go. The most you can really do is just sign up and hope. Its luck of the draw unfortunately. Although the devs have said they want to give everyone a shot at it so be patient.
  11. I believe it'll be pretty much only on UWP. Why? Well UWP is not just DRM protection it also links into everything Windows itself, from Xbox for servers, cloud services, HoloLens, VR, One SDK working, a store and developer centre Adaptive User interface, everything. You can see here just how much this UWP reaches into everything and surprisingly Microsoft has done a fantastic job for developers putting everything under one umbrella. The one that strike out for me are Cloud Services which will be required for downloading the scenery live which is going to be fundamentally important. Even though Microsoft gave up on full UWP which was their wet dream of every application on the Microsoft Store having to use it. I believe that I'll still be released only under the UWP package. Still though, I kinda hope I am wrong since the Microsoft Store allows for Win32 now but with that Azure AI and Cloud Services. It kinda seems more likely where its going to go to.
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