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  1. Found an interesting solution trying to download here in Melbourne, just signed up for one of the mainstream VPN services and connected to their US endpoint, all of a sudden I started getting 300Mbps+ and it just finished 😄 It seems the servers in Australia / Asia-Pacific are the problematic ones.
  2. Similar issue here, started downloading 00:10am AEST, went well for a while, then word not allowed, sometimes it seemed like restarting the app would help, but now I'm just stuck with ~30GB to go and nothing seems to get the speeds above the Kbps area 😞
  3. Download speeds are absolute trash now for me in Australia, on the Alpha / Beta I used to get ~300Mbps at least (on a 1Gbps link) now it won't get to 20Mbps.... It's going to be a long night.
  4. Just wait for your local availability time. I had the same message and it started working after midnight.
  5. It will be available in my timezone in 10min, I'll report back. Shouldn't take too long to download on my link, hopefully the premium stuff will be enabled. ---- Edit: yup it works
  6. This brings back some memories... My disc #1 had a nasty scratch, would take several retries to install... We've come a long way. 1:30h to go! (Yeah, I'd rather wait, but good luck to all the new residents of kiribati)
  7. Yup, wouldn't be able to concentrate at work anyway!
  8. I'm going for my fastest SSD which happens to be the C drive.
  9. Microsoft store just gave me a choice of which drive to use when I just finished ordering. Not exactly steam level of customization but good enough for me.
  10. Thanks for the update, I was waiting to see which would would be available first down here in Australia, seems I'll be going with MS Store after all, hope I don't regret it later.
  11. I wonder... I have an old ASN license for FSX, recently jumped to P3D v5 (never used v4), if I buy an upgrade license for ASP4 would I be eligible for the new ActiveSky P3D beta / upgrade pathway? 🤔
  12. Hey @dolbinau I've actually gone through this transition myself this week, from FSX-SE to P3D v5, and I have to say I deeply regret not moving to P3D sooner. I get much better performance and more importantly framerate stability on relatively old hardware: i5 4670K + RTX2080. So to answer your specific questions: If you're getting into it now I'd probably go with v5, all the minor updates (4.3, 4.4, 4.5...) are free, but if you bought v4 you have to pay full price for v5. Therefore, buying v5 now means you'll get a relative long series of free updates in the future. Most addons from 4.5 seem to be either working already or being ported. No issues having both on the same system, I have this exact setup and it's working just fine. As far as I can tell the CPU utilization remains similar, first core pinned at 100% and the others fluctuating a bit, but somehow on my 4C/4T CPU I saw a massive improvement, from mid 20s ~ low 30s on FSX to 45fps solid on P3D v5, using the same ORBX scenery and the same A2A plane. I believe DX12 is more efficient overall and also possibly able to leverage your GPU a bit more. (This is based on v5, I didn't use previous versions).
  13. Hey folks, this announcement from MS has finally pushed me out of the lurker shadows and into the active community. Not sure if you've seen this already but PMDG released an official statement https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/14257-12jun19-pmdg-and-the-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-question The most relevant part as far as I'm concerned was: Now, it's fine for MS to pick Aerosoft as their exclusive boxed airplanes developer, but "None of the firms with which we are in contact" makes wonder if Aerosoft is actually the only third party Microsoft is working with. I sure hope not, it would be nice to have broader support from day 1. As for me, I was about to pull the trigger on the migration to P3D (and all the addon conversion costs that come along with that), but I reckon the best move now is to wait and see.
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