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  1. Hey everyone, we are now into double figures for our event tonight and tomorrow but we do have a couple of more spaces free if anyone would like something to do on FS2020 tonight! California Dreaming:Event type: Online group eventSaturday 21/11 at 19:00 UTC & Sunday 22/11 : 17:00 UTCThis event is split into two days, the first day will be focused in Nevada with great views of the hilly terrain and the desert. Sunday will be much harder with two airports at (312ft and 876ft) in difficult terrain that should be a test for everyone!Aircraft recommended: Aerolight, Cessna 172/152/JMB/CUBRequirements:Able to communicate via voice (mic preferred)Basic understanding of VFR flying and also how to use the GPS/Charts (Weather permitting)Fun but realistic approach to flying!You can reserve yourself a place for the event at - https://www.vfhub.net/event-info/california-dreamingJoin our discord to get route information and route download file. - https://discord.gg/dZwj7mb
  2. VFHUB ‘‘Visual Flight Hub’’ was founded on the 18.08.20 The same day MSFS2020 was launched. We are a community that is rapidly growing, so what makes us different from the rest? Firstly we value our community members and always take on board their input and encourage feedback so we can improve and develop. VFHUB has virtual pilots from all over the world from Finland to Cuba, with all different types of experiences. From the real world pilots, to the hardcore simmers, and of course people who are new to the MSFS simulation. VFHUB is solely committed to MSFS2020. Our aim is to give our members the best experience possible, we hold weekly events and allow our members the freedom to participate when and how they want too. We have a wide range of events from online to solo, there is always something for everyone. Some use our community for information, help and media. Others for flying VFR, BUSH, IFR, VATSIM You can visit our website at www.vfhub.net you will find a link to our discord server on the home page or join us section of the website - Our discord can also be found by clicking this link -https://discord.gg/RpR9Cqw Follow us on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfv5cgqeP-HUrfaA_3ebqg Many thanks and a warm welcome, Neon (VFHUB founder)
  3. This has been really frustrating me since the release of MSFS I worked out the GPS/NAV from the Garmin 1000 (Cdi button) But for the life of me unless I start on the runway I can not figure out how to set this on the other type of GPS that the King Air and Club X use Please somebody help, I really want to fly the King Air more-
  4. at VFHUB we are holding our first MSFS event at 16.30GMT on Saturday the 22nd of August.We start at the historic town in the north of Portugal called Rozas and fly west to Virgo, after a short stop we head south to the port town of Porto famous for its Christmas wine and port drink. After a 20 min break we head to the aerodrome Fatima, 55 miles north of Lisbon with edgy terrain and should make for fun landings. After a 15 min break we finally head south for a city tour of the vibrant capital Lisbon, see the Sanctuary of Christ the king, Belem tower and Castelo d S jorge! before landing at the main airport Lisbon.Event time : 4 hours > Recommend aircraft: Prop that is able to perform between 130-170kntsFor further details and to sign up please visit our discord pagehttps://discord.gg/RpR9Cqw
  5. Every aircraft I fly and I turn on autopilot and ''Nav'' it always set to VOR rather then FMS or GPS only aircraft I can find a way to change this on is the Daher turbo prop. Does anyone know if there is a button to change the ''nav'' to follow the gps or fmc I have tried N or ctrl + n but no luck! Thank you!!
  6. We are a new VFR/Bush flying club that is dedicated to MSFS2020We do regular flights and events online!Join us today from 15.15 GMT as we end our tour of Ireland and move on to Wales!All ages are welcome and so are new pilots! as long as you have the enthusiasm to learn.https://discord.gg/cUg4zT https://discord.gg/cUg4zT
  7. Hey everyone, I have managed to help a few of my friends start downloading the game who have been having issues on steam. Firstly uninstall MSFS and log out of steam. Secondly Log back in, change your download region then click install. When the 500mb file has downloaded, Launch the game (the game will actually launch into a separate launcher where you can download the game) From that moment on everything should hopefully work, when the game has installed and it comes up with Choose your experience, if the screen appears blank, press the escape key and it should jog it to work. Hopefully this helps a few people out
  8. ATC is set to LIVE Traffic, and Live Multiplayer - Flying in a Cessna 152 and I am doing short flights around Ireland, taking in the views and scenery of the towns and cities as I go around Currently about to leave Kerry (EIKY) and heading for Inishmaan (EIMN) Will be leaving in about 10 mins, flight is 50nm
  9. Hi everyone. Absolutely loving the new sim, graphics are out of this world. Been using props and honestly the VFR aspect is just breath taking. I have stumbled across one issues though. After my first flight and I land at an airport I am struggling to find out how to access the world map / flight planner screen to put together my next flight. Surely you do not have to quit and go back to the main menu? Cant find any button for it in the controls either !
  10. (I couldn't find a place for this on the forums mod, but wanted to post here as its used by many sim enthusiasts) Hello, I have started plans today to build a brand new virtual airline in Europe. This airline will thrive to be professional, courteous and well respected. I am ready to dig deep in my pockets and pay for the structure of this airline, which includes graphic design, website hosting, repaints and more. Without giving to many details away on the project publicly below are some points which are very important if you are to become apart of this. - Good knowledge of UK/Ireland, Scandinavia (Den,Nor,Swe) knowledge of the Baltic's and Finland would be ideal too. - Experience with Virtual Airlines (As a pilot, trainer, director, ceo) - At least 20 years of age - Experience with flying on VATSIM and understanding of VATSIM regulations I also want to make clear that I am not looking for someone to help fund the Virtual Airline, this will come from my own pocket as the CEO, I am looking for someone with a similar goal and outlook to help me bring this airline to life Many thanks Matt
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