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  1. 1st picture | It doesn't matter, it happened my EHAM-EDDK flight as well (with 320) 2nd pic | Fixed that issue uninstalled library and installed it again after migration tried sync simulator and fixed it
  2. i don't have that 😄 thank you 🙂
  3. First of all i turned g-sync off then i put some codes on my p3d.cfg MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=8, TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=270, TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 and TextureMaxLoad=6 idk what texturemaxload do btw but seems good for now and decreasing graphics settings helped as well (The picture that i attached is not mine btw) 😄 annndd if you know what texturemaxload do please let me know 😛
  4. I'm not at home but as far as i remember my display settings are same as blackbox711 ( NOOO not same i don't have vsync on and i don't have any nvidia inspector setting as well), world settings are ultra high 5 15 / scenery settings very dense very high dense dense. I'm using 6700k (4.8ghz) and 1080 gpu
  5. This thing is happening all the time no matter what aircraft i fly (737/320/C172) and my cpu usage is about 98
  6. Already tried nothing changed 😞 I don't think that scenery layers can cause this because it's just not reloading(like when you did OMDB-EGLL flight about 15 minutes 😄) it looks awesome if you reload it 😂
  7. When i reload scenery it looks like this (not same location but looks like that)
  8. I'm using 3.1.1 right now and seems like i have some problems with it (i already tried the latest version and its really f**ked up my simulator so...)
  9. Anyone have any idea about this? http://prntscr.com/qhj3y5
  10. In external view engine sounds literally like vacuum cleaner... Previous 737 is much more better than this cleaner. Sounds are really word not allowed... installed twice ( fresh ) nothing changed 😞
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