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  1. Thanks Nickbe and will do. The path file on my system is AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX/Controls/...bak even though I have FSX-SE installed I looked at the DLL.xml and looks unaltered.
  2. I did a clean install, etc... today so I'm very confused as well. Again as soon as I install 530W V2 it causes that error in Ezdok and mostly posting to see if anybody else has had this happen. The path in the message box is not valid which is why it can't find the file, the correct path is in the FSX folder. That was my main question that 530W V2 and Ezdok don't share or interact with any of the same files/folder? Besides core FSX files/folders? Anyways thanks for the replies and by the way 530W is a great product so no complaints about the product itself. Also, I will go to Ezdok and ask there.
  3. Before anybody says that I should contact Ezdok about this, it was working without any issues before I installed 530W V2. Above is the error I get with Ezdok after installing 530W V2. Has anybody else had this issue? Using Windows 10 and FSX-SE. If I only install 530W V2 it works great and visa versa but not with both products installed. Anyways I can contact Ezdok as well but just wanted to post here too if it's something that can be looked into on the RealityXP side. Thanks!
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