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  1. Heli

    July 11th development update

    Maybe sunlight reflecting off the panels? The sun beam is in a different position in the new photo.
  2. That is the only issue really. If we end up liking it, it will be costing us much more than a flat rate of $60. Worst case scenario will be, imo: they set it up where the only way to obtain the game is through Xbox Game Pass for PC/Xbox. So you aren't paying a subscription for the game itself, but for the Game Pass (and the $5/mo is only going to go up). The bandwidth and server cost would be solved from all the non flightsim Xbox players who subscribe to Game Pass.
  3. Microsoft is currently the largest company in the entire world. Unlike "small" companies such as Blizzard who charge a monthly fee for the upkeep of their World Of Warcraft servers, Microsoft very easily has the resources to offer one-time purchase and stream for free. Google streams its Google Maps 3D map data for free and the software itself is also free. Too many people are assuming MSFS will be subscription based just because it's on Xbox Game Pass. The Game Pass shouldnt be viewed that way.
  4. That is what I am banking on too. Azure will be intelligent enough to place objects accurately on satellite image data. If you live in a house in a small city that doesnt have an aerial-captured 3D rendering like a larger city, Azure will still see the rooftop of your house on a satellite image and extend it upwards in a 3D model with a generic texture for the outside walls (and imagine Azure being smart enough to calculate building and terrain heights by the shadows they cast in aerial satellite images, wow!). That alone is infinitely times better than lame generic houses and terrain.
  5. They have 400 cities modeled. That means the rest of the world will use Azure AI to model things like small villages along the Nile river, and unpopular cities like Baghdad. I'm really hoping the Ai is intelligent enough to recreate accurate 3D representations from aerial satellite images, meaning that all the AI buildings for the tiny villages along the Nile river should have that tan sand color with flat roofing, and buildings in Greece or Italy should have a Mediterranean look to them. I hate how current flight sims' random house textures always looked the same, whether you were in America or Africa. Microsoft is currently the largest company on the planet with a trillion dollar market cap. The odds are in our favor that they have the resources and infrastructure to not let us down.
  6. I am really hoping they use 100% sat images with Azure at minimum rendering the general area with 3D geometry AI. I want to see every lake, river, and waterfall in the Amazon jungle, and not some generic jungle ground texture like in fsx. I want to see the proper foliage density within the jungle, even the areas where massive deforestation occured. I want to see exactly where desertification starts when flying over the Sahara to match exactly where it is on a satellite image. So, generic textures such as trees, sand, dirt, grass etc. would be fine, as long as the global terrain changes matches exactly what is shown on Sat images.
  7. I looked at the Dubai shot in the trailer and compared it to Google's Streetview. The building heights on the main land and the palm tree island are very accurate. Even the game textures on the buildings look close to real life, but its hard to tell if its a default building height texture and is just coincidence it matches, or if somehow Azure Ai is able to render texture accuracy. Google has no 3D map capture for Dubai, only streetview. I have to assume Microsoft doesnt have a 3D capture of Dubai either and that this is all Azure Ai in effect. Azure Ai will definitely be rendering the entire planet and not just several large cities.
  8. Microsoft developers will graphically clean up airports by hand, who knows how many though. In the trailer, their LAX airport had too much fidelity and was rendered too perfectly to be created just by Azure AI and satellite imagery. You can compare Cameras and satellites alone would not be able to capture the fine details I saw on the airport, nor the thin wires under this arch, due to occlusion and lack of resolution in cameras from that high in the air. The red arrow shows the Azure AI trees in the background, so there's both developer refinement and Azure AI going on in this image.
  9. Yes, it wont be perfect with MS maps either. The waterfall leaning sideways and the mesa not being steep enough are the limitations of Google's aircraft capturing images at an isometric angle IMO. I also looked up the terrain for Zhangjiajie Forest and Google wasnt able to capture the steepness of those either. I am prepared to accept these limitations, and will be hopeful Azure AI can render things more accurately. But having the satellite data there in the first place, with Azure Ai plopping on 3d trees and texture will be much better than relying on developers' own discretion whether to render the waterfall or not in the first place, because I couldnt find stuff like this rendered in fsx.
  10. I dont expect the entire world to have those Google Maps-like 3d models. But I do expect the entire world to have, at minimum, satellite imagery of the entire earth with Azure Ai to help render all the building heights of smaller towns and less popular countries. That alone is infinitely times better than autogen, I am very excited about that. I can finally take that long helicopter ride to Angel Falls because the satellite imagery will be there for me to see!
  11. I instantly got a shot of flight simulation adrenaline the moment I watched the reveal trailer. I own expensive hardware to help force myself to enjoy flight simulation (4K projector, Vive VR, 2080ti, Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, etc), but the only major thing preventing me from playing flight simulation was the terrain autogen. I hated it. I never felt like exploring because my mind knew it was fake autogen. This new MSFS2020 is exactly what Ive been waiting for ever since i first played Google maps VR. Now I can explore the entire world knowing that the terrain and the cities are rendered in real life geometry. Thank you so much Microsoft for using Azure Ai and 3D maps for this FS.