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  1. I care about it at least. I went so far as to take a $2,000 hit upgrading my projector to a new model projector that had a video processor capable of band-free HDR. I also prefer if this game can toggle HDR on/off without me having to separately enable HDR in Windows settings, but i have yet to play a game that can do that.
  2. Nice, they nailed the Bahamas in regards to the water. I was worried the turqoise water would be overlayed with that dark blue ocean water Asobo seems to use as their water texture. Lets hope the rest of the Caribbean's water is correct also.
  3. Does MSFS support external MFD displays for gauges? I dont own these but i do own the Thrustmaster MFDs and i want to export gauges onto a small screen.
  4. I wish people were smart enough to understand the limitations of aerial photogrammetrry, or the use of AI to stretch out an artifical z axis from satellite imagery. I can easily understand and live with the imperfections such as blocky bridges and traffic not lining up perfevtly with the roads. The fidelity required for photogrammetry to render every crevice and recessed opening such as wireform structures, trees, stacked bridges, overpasses, etc is impossible right now, why is it so few can understand this? Asobo accomplished a great thing here.
  5. The price change is due to there being volatility in the world currency markets these past couple weeks.
  6. If MSFS has a 40%+ improvement, keep the SLI. But considering SLI averages more along the lines of a 10% increase in game fps, I have doubt youll see 40%+. SLI has unfortunately proven itself to be a huge waste if money, developers do not design around it.
  7. I have 16gb right now, and I am buying another 16gb today. The RAM is used to store the photogrammetry and AI rendered buildings. When the graphics detail bar is increased, it populates more of the scenery with buildings and trees instead of flat satellite imagery. The 32gb RAM will be beneficial in large cities. If you plan on runnings graphics settings on high or ultra i would get 32gb, RAM is cheap right now. I have maxed out on 16gb just using Google Earth VR and that is less graphically intensive than this sim, all those buildings eat up RAM.
  8. There might be optimized Nvidia drivers for MSFS once released.
  9. The in-game hints and checklist that i've seen from leaked footage so far should help a lot for newcomers. I do not know how to start an airplane from scratch and i do not know how to read a lot of the gauges or work the Nav, I have been trying to learn with Falcon 4.0, but i plan on learning the majority from this game. I think Asobo will do a good job teaching us new guys.
  10. Microsoft is currently the 2nd largest company (market cap) on the planet. They have the infrastructure to keep up with server demand. I am glad such a large company is making this ambitious game, no other game company has the resources to do so. The streaming of satellite imagery and photogrammetry aerial renderings of Earth is impossible for game developers.
  11. It is odd seeing that stadium rendered in Pyongyang. Asobo actually bothered to render that in an unpopular destination country with terrible sat imagery. Gives me hope we will see a lot of hand crafted landmarks in this sim that were missing in all previous sims.
  12. A tradeoff is that the photogrammetry in Bing Maps is better than Google. There are distortions in Google's photogrammetry.
  13. Satellite imagery is still literally infinite times better than generic landclass. At least for me, it will be very easy to ignore the imperfections such as blocky bridges, vehicles driving out of alignment with roads, and satellite imagery being 7 years old. Asobo would need to embed a very easy to use building/geology sculptor for its user base to upload corrections for.
  14. Im interested too. Would love to fly a small plane around the Serengeti and see what all animals Asobo has rendered into the sim. Maybe even see if the Four Seasons hotel is rendered there from AI. Bing maps has some good high res satellite imagery of Africa, especially of the Sahara desert.
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