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  1. What is the good stuff people are reporting? I haven't gone home yet to try this out, all I keep finding on here is the bad stuff.
  2. I hope they fixed a lot of the water masks around the Caribbean in tomorrow's update. I haven't played this sim since last year because of that, waiting for them to fix that and improve the world. They are doing a good job so far, I may have to load this up tomorrow to see how well Asobo has progressed in these months.
  3. Is there any idea how much of the Earth's water masks have been corrected by the devs as of now? 10%, 50%? I haven't played this sim in months due to lack of tropical masks and I will not play it until they fix it all or at least most of it.
  4. How do we know what numerical value to enter into the config file? My planes are completely unusable, so it will be 100% better if i can just set the axis to default for now until the patch comes, but what is the number for default?
  5. We deal with all the other minor quirks and glitches the world scenery has, so I'd much rather have the reefs that are depicted in the trailer and just live with the texture border issue for now until they clean it up later on. Why would Asobo release a trailer with a reef looking like this when we already have the sim installed and can see it is false advertising. Maybe this is one of the planned fixes in the upcoming update and that is why they showed it in the trailer.
  6. It's one of the best HOTAS you can buy. That is why there is such a crazy premium on them right now, ebay has NIB selling as much as $900. If Thrustmaster permanently discontinues manufacturing of the Warthog due to Covid, the premium will catapult higher. If you need more buttons look at either the Black Hog throttle attachment or the Cougar MFDs. I was eyeing the Black Hog at first because looks cool, but went with the MFDs.
  7. I will probably leave the fps unlocked. I was always under the impression 30fps is good for flight sims, unlike first-person shooters. I was also thinking a constant 30fps would be more pleasing on the eyes than jumping up and down from 60fps to 40fps to 30fps.
  8. This is actually a good setting to do. My 2080ti constantly kicks the fans in high gear because it tries rendering the most fps as possible, and is audibly annoying. I will change to 30fps cap and see if it helps.
  9. I have always wondered if this is considered okay to do. When you click Quit To Windows, it takes a couple seconds for the sim to shut down and go to desktop, leading me to believe there is activity going on in the background to shut the sim off correctly. Alt + F4 is an abrupt exit and feels similar to powering off the computer with the power button instead of clicking Shutdown Windows which can cause problems down the road.
  10. It is the water overlay Asobo uses that masks over them. Getting both the marinas and docks to show while simultaneously having a water overlay is much easier said than done. But I do hope they will find a way to fix it and use the Azure AI to render marinas and boats anchored to docks. The bigger letdown with this water overlay is not the occlusion of docks and marinas but is the occlusion of tropical water colors and shallow reefs in places like the Caribbean, they may have to manually alter the water overlay in this area to get that to show.
  11. Even the lighting on the stadium is done well vs. the surrounding area. Good job. Is it possible to embed an entire city of Google's photogrammetry to MSFS, or is it extremely labor intensive? Google has many more cities rendered in photogrammetry, while Microsoft's is of better quality. But I'd much rather have Google's stuff than Azure AI.
  12. When I ran 4K ultra settings in Las Vegas which has photogrammetry, MSFS alone was using 17gb. I like to leave Edge browser and other software open while gaming so my total ram usage was around 23gb. You may not need 64gb ram because when you run VR there is no way we will be able to play at 4k ultra settings.
  13. To push their own VR, instead of having people use SteamVR.
  14. You are right, it is much lower than 1 percent. People think this is lack of quality control from Asobo. There was no way Asobo would spend the man hours to go through the entire world looking for mesh or Azure AI structure anomalies to correct, otherwise the sim would have been released at a much later date which would be terrible. It was much preferable to let the millions of eyes catch all the mesh glitches and report them vs. a few hundred Adobo employees.
  15. They mapped 200 million square miles, and 99% of it is accurate. I wouldnt worry about 1% being immersion-breaking.
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