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  1. Damlimey

    Landing lights... What's the mystery?

    Oh yes, I'm afraid I do. As I said, I have them working on some models, so I know everything is in order so that they should work correctly. However, I think there is something peculiar going on and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with some customisation I have done with my panels. Otherwise, I'm stuck. Oh, BTW thanks for the help with my sound file question last week. I'm studying FSUIPC to improve my understanding. Regards, D
  2. Hi all, I've read a couple of threads on this subject but I can't find a resolution to the following problem... I have a model, with landing lights that shine brightly on the aircraft but don't actually illuminate the ground. I've checked that the relavant bitmaps are in place and that they work on some models (Bell 206 for example) but not on others. I understand that they are part of the .mdl file built by the modeler and one of the models I have a problem with is a Nemeth payware aircraft and another is freeware. FSX.cfg file 'lights = 8', the bitmap isn't corrupted and as far as I can tell, everything is in place in the aircraft.cfg. I know that I am not alone with this issue so my question is; what's going on? Is it a Steam thing (which wouldn't suprise me)? In the case of the Nemeth payware model, I'm sure they were working at some point. What are the other variables that might interfere with the landing light effect? Thanks in advance, D
  3. Damlimey

    Sound .cfg question

    Well, I've done a lot of customisation to the model and eliminated the problem by slashing out the 'touchdown' sfx in the sound.cfg file while looking for a solution but I could get the original file to you if you think you can help. D
  4. Damlimey

    Chicken & Egg

    What w6kd has said is very interesting as what I have done so far is to substitute the fuel pump sfx for a turboshaft wind up sfx which runs until the fuel valve is opened and the start up is triggered. All of this sequence is managed by a collective button box of my own design using FSUIPC. So, my question now is... Would the combustion flag manipulation be covered in the FSUIPC users or advanced users guide or do I need someone like you to talk me through it? (Hint, hint). In excited anticipation, D
  5. Damlimey

    Chicken & Egg

    Yes, it does seem to be something that has no obvious control mechanism beyond getting the bonnet up and digging into FS. However, like you I have seen some models where the start up seems a little slower. I'll be interested to see what some of the grown ups in here know about it. D
  6. Damlimey

    Chicken & Egg

    Hi all, Another sound.cfg related question. During an engine start up, does the start up sound drive the timing of the engine start up or is the engine start up driving the sound? The reason I ask is that I want to slow the engine wind up down a little in one of my models rather than having it all just burst into life. If it is the engine that drives the sound, is there a way of affecting the timing? Thanks in advance, D
  7. Damlimey

    Sound .cfg question

    Hi, Yes, it is freeware. D
  8. Hi all, Here's the thing; I have a helicopter model with a problem concerning the constant and rythmic 'touchdown' sound effect running with engines off and the model sitting solidly on the ground. Something is triggering the sound and I've tinkered with the [contact points] thinking that was behind it but I can't rid myself of it. I could flag it to 'off' but then I guess I won't have it when I land. Does anyone have any ideas what might be triggering this? Thanks in advance, D
  9. Damlimey

    desperately seeking Dirk...

    The first link did the trick MaDDogz, so thank you very much! D
  10. Hi all, Hovercontrol.com seems to have dissappeared but I was looking for the FSX version of HC075DI_FSX_COUGAR_AUTOPILOT. THE helicopter autopliot by all accounts BUT all links point to hovercontrol and it ain't there SO... Does anyone have or know where I can get this guage? Thanks in advance, D
  11. Damlimey

    Start up sequence and LINDA

    Hi Guenseli, I am building a collective for a helicopter and I want to have a more authetic start up procedure. The collective will have a start button and other switches. I am using a standard usb joystick as donater for the serial coms (usb) and circuits but customising the switches so I don't have to go down the Arduino route. I can live with the standard start up although it does all happen a bit quicker than the real thing so by incorporating a start button and a bit of code to delay the turboshaft start while the starter winds up is all I'm attempting, at least in phase 1. The thing is, I always think that if I'm attempting something novel, somebody else has probably already done it so I figured I'd check before I go to all the trouble of getting into lua coding. Thanks, That Damlimey
  12. Damlimey

    Start up sequence and LINDA

    Hi all, Utter LINDA newbie here with a couple of questions regarding LINDA. My plan is to have my own start up sequence involving a push and hold physical button which would open a .WAV file (starter wind up) and hold it for a few seconds before launching the usual turbine wind up sequence in FSX (turboshaft engine). Early release of the start button would terminate the start up (ideally). As an extra touch of authenticity, it would be nice if the N1 guage came up while the starter cranks but that could be for another day. My two questions therefore are; is LINDA the appropraite way to go with this and would I be re-inventing the wheel because somebody has already done this? Thanks in advance, That Damlimey.