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  1. sspeter78 the 2.4 version won't work that we are sure of. It's not supported yet by Reality XP. About the drive I'm unsure but download the following trainer and uninstall the 2.4 version to be sure: https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=9256 It's an older database from 2016 but you can update that later and it does function properly. Also make sure to go to the plugin settings in X-Plane 11 and set the GTN750 as your master and set the power as 'always on' or to your avionics bus. Otherwise it probably will keep giving a black screen. Hope this helps for you.
  2. Try to uninstall version 2400 and install the one on this link. It has an old database from 2016 but it works like a charm for me now. I will update to a new version once we get some support here from RXP staff. https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=9256
  3. You sir you saved my day! Uninstalled the 2400 and installed the one from your link and believe it or not but it works like a charm. Maybe with older AIRAC but who cares, it's the first time I see a lit screen in 72 hours of struggle lol.
  4. I believe we are 'all' suffering the same problem were the GTN trainer is a version not supported yet by the RXP GPS. While we can't find a download for the supported version since Garmin took it offline. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I finally fixed my issue where it couldn't install the addon. BUT just like you it now gives me a broken link so I still can't use it. We need http://download.garmin.com/software/GarminTrainerSetup_2310.exe which is no longer available. I installed the newest version manually but off course with my luck? That ain't working... Awaiting support myself too.
  6. I don't want to break your spirit but I don't expect support in the weekend. I assume we're gonna have to wait it out untill Monday. As you know I'm in a similar position so I know how it feels if you can't get your candy open. But it is what it is I think. Monday life will be better. Stay strong in there. In the end it's only a sim.
  7. I'm not sure what the problem is since I can't get it installed myself and waiting for support. But on the other hand did you notice the last few rules in the release note of 2.5.18? Does any of that help you at all?
  8. I understand your perspective ckyliu. I didn't look at it that way. I might have spoken to quickly out of frustration. I just hope we can get it fixed somehow. Because I really want to enjoy this product together with the realsimgear GTN750 bezel. Lets hope it turns out well. No hard feelings toward anyone her, my apologies.
  9. I would downvote you if I could. I feel his frustration very good. If you sell a lot of units (probably a whole lot after so many years of business) at 49$ you should also install a decent customer care instead of a free forum. I don't want to be on this forum, I just want a solution. I'm waiting more then 24 hours patiently for any response. Sorry but when I buy an add-on nearly as expensive as the main product I expect help presto. Not in 5 days. So please don't give me your attitude about his attitude. As a customer we have the right to complain when stuff doesn't work like it should. Nobody mentioned to me there's a great chance of a black screen before I bought it.
  10. I feel your frustration. I'm in the same situation and I can't find almost any information on it rather than "ow yeah it's your AV", which I don't have. I can't even get through the installer. It's just ridiculous for a 50 dollar plugin. It's unbelievable that you need to make an account to a forum to get any support of any kind. The installation process seems to be one of good or bad luck for many. To bad because I wanted to buy a realsimgear GTN750 hardware display which needs the Reality XP to work properly but...
  11. This is really by far the lousiest installation process I have ever experienced. What the hell! I whitelisted almost everything in my windows defender and I have no other AV. I tried so many things I got lost in space. The xxx64.dll is there and the xxx32.dll can't be copied for some reason.
  12. Dear fellow simmer, I recently purchased the GTN750 for X-plane 11 but the installation kept me busy for hours without any result but frustration. When installing I get an error message that 2 files are corrupted. rxpgtnsim32.dll I searched in the directories but the file isn't anywhere to be found. I don't have any firewall, Antivirus on or anything. Even Windows defender is off and the .exe file is whitelisted. I don't understand what is going wrong so help is much appreciated. On top of that, the installation (reinstall option) locked me out due to too many logins. I did reactivated the key, but I still get a 'try later' message. I can't understand how a 49$ add-on needs such a complicated installation process. Many thanks for your time, much appreciate it! Regards, Pieter
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