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  1. I did a test flight with four approaches. First with LED lights and second LED lights with pulse, where the FO didn't recognize the the landing lights to be one. Third with Original lighting and fourth with Original Lighting with pulse worked as per usual; but, of course, retracts had to be on for the FO to recognize the lights being on.
  2. Hi Bryan, as mentioned on Facebook during the Landing Checklist in SOP3 the FS2Crew does not recognise the landing lights being on. I did two approaches where I observed said behaviour in an aircraft equipped with LED lights without pulse. I might have an idea why this is: when I set up my hardware on FSUIPC I had to change the value for the custom control that controls the landing lights. Whilst in the NGX the value would simple switch on the fixed landing lights, the same value on the NGXu would, in an aircraft equipped with, only switch on the pulse. In an aircraft without pulse the value would simple do nothing. I‘ll do a test run now and let you know.
  3. @holi - Thats the exact behaviour I am experiencing when flying into WSSS. What do you mean with "Animation Density (...) to 0"? To what option in either the in game menu or the CFG file do you refer?
  4. Hey, did anyone fix this issue with the CTD yet? Having the exact same problem: Did fly from different airports (FlyTampas EHAM, AeroSofts EDDF and Taxi2Gates EDDM) to WSSS and when turning final I get a CTD with no message in the Windows Event Display. This is after the PBR update. Before the PBR update it worked like a charm. I can, however, start a new flight directly in WSSS with no problem.
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