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  1. Thank your for the update, Brian... super fast! However, I feel like there are some problem with recognizing the GPU. Two observations I made in my last two flights: Pre-departure, preflight events running, around 10 minutes before departure I ask for the GPU to be disconnected. Ground operator replies "(...)the GPU is already disconnected", allthough it isn't. Also, during "Before start procedures", chocks won't be removed automatically. Upon arrival, with "Auto connect GPU on arrival" enabled, I set parking break, shut down engine 2. Before the update, with the old 777, chocks will be set and GPU connected. Now, with new 777 and updated FS2Crew. nothing happens. Let me know if further info is needed! 🙂
  2. Excellent! I would be more than happy to try it out. A support ticket has been submitted. Thank you for your consideration! :)
  3. Yes, 100% positive that it was FS2Crew. It was the exact same announced I received with SOP 3 and Mil/Cargo ops disabled before flying cargo. Also at cruise level the F/O asks whether or not we want to release the Cabin and one time, during preflight, the FA said "okay, cleared to board". As I said, every other PA etc. is gone... I'll switch on OBS during the times in question, maybe I can catch it.
  4. I just had a similar issue, but the only time I heard the FA do an announcement was when passing 8k during descent. Otherwise everything else worked as expected. This was with the BDSF, SOP1 voice controlled, with Miltary/Cargo ops enabled. I was running this setup yesterday with no issues, but with the BDSFS. I'll try to reproduce, if I can...
  5. Happened to me too when I purchased 787 a few days back.
  6. I observed the same, interesting enough not in -600 and -700 but in at least the -800 (cannot recall if or not in the -900). AP would be enagaged at that time.
  7. @Keven Menard Hi Keven, any chance you could have a look into my issue? Its really starting to push my buttons...:(
  8. Hey Keven, I find myself running into a similar issue with ChasePlane. Yesterday and today Chaseplane wouldn't launch. I checked for the C:\Program Files\Parallel 42\Chaseplane folder only to find it nearly empty. I fired up ORBX Central, asked it to deinstall Chaseplane, manually deleted said folder and then reinstalled it. Chaseplan worked like a charm afterwards - until the next reboot. Any ideas what could cause that?
  9. Good news, cheers.Took the 74 for a spin and everything works as awesome as I ve been used to. Thank you again.
  10. Thanks for the swift reply, Sir. That worked. Little confused, however, as I went under the impression Immersion Manager was going to be installed in the Library file?
  11. @Keven Menard Sorry for hijacking someone elses topic, but Immersion Manager doesn't work for me either. When I start P3D I get the usual error message saying that "something went wrong and a log files was created on my desktop". However, I could not find such a log file. When I click on "Launch" in ORBX Central, nothing happens - I don't even get the error message. I had ORBX install the most recent version of both 747 immersion and Immersion Manager to no success. Also, I de-installed both and re-installed them to no success either. Any idea would be appreciated :).
  12. I did a test flight with four approaches. First with LED lights and second LED lights with pulse, where the FO didn't recognize the the landing lights to be one. Third with Original lighting and fourth with Original Lighting with pulse worked as per usual; but, of course, retracts had to be on for the FO to recognize the lights being on.
  13. Hi Bryan, as mentioned on Facebook during the Landing Checklist in SOP3 the FS2Crew does not recognise the landing lights being on. I did two approaches where I observed said behaviour in an aircraft equipped with LED lights without pulse. I might have an idea why this is: when I set up my hardware on FSUIPC I had to change the value for the custom control that controls the landing lights. Whilst in the NGX the value would simple switch on the fixed landing lights, the same value on the NGXu would, in an aircraft equipped with, only switch on the pulse. In an aircraft without pulse the value would simple do nothing. I‘ll do a test run now and let you know.
  14. @holi - Thats the exact behaviour I am experiencing when flying into WSSS. What do you mean with "Animation Density (...) to 0"? To what option in either the in game menu or the CFG file do you refer?
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