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  1. Could I add something like us/controller/... and Europe/controller/... then selecting the region I want to listen using the rootfolder picker ? thx
  2. I am in the same situation sadly. Forcing or not the root folder doesn’t changed anything and the charter’s volume is at 80. the folders tree is like that: pilot2atc/sounds/atc_chatter/... with ... as app ctr clr and so on. Did I miss something to make it works ? thx
  3. Here is the case: A flight from KBOS (boston) to 0B1 which is a simple low altitude route. I'm using navigraph and both Xplane, P2A are up to date (1908). I let navigraph generating a FP and I got something that worked for me: KBOS/RW33L HYLND5 HYLND DCT NEETS 0B1/R32-Y Then i imported it into P2A and noticed the destination airport got missing! The last entry is NEETS. I added the missing airport and looked to set the approach i wanted (RNAV) and things got even more confused as no airways are showing in the destination approach popup. Saving that modified FP didn't produced any file at all. I deleted the FP and recreate one using P2A which provided another route but still no runway nor approach selection. When i tried to export that FP, I got another popup "Your FP must include an IFR approach...." Any help to understand what's going on will be appreciated ! thanks
  4. Hello, I'm having a certain trouble with RNAV approach that kept reverted automaticaly to ILS upon sending the flightplan. What should I do to keep it the wayi want, not the way the system want ? It's gettnig frustrating at the end. If the FP is VFR, the approach doesn't revert back to ILS, which is not exactly a good thing imo... thanks.
  5. They were identical minus one typo I guess. One was labelled rw05 ant the other - 05
  6. Hello, Today i planned a flight from the TBM hatchery (LFBT) to Bordeaux (LFBD). To do that, i used navigraph and selected the proper SID/STAR... and export the FP to xplane. Once imported into P2A, the validation gave a weird error: "The star and approach must be the same runway. the actie runway at Merignac (bordeaux) is rnw5" which one the one i selected... I had to redo them to pass that error. FP: LFBT LMB1M LMB VAVIX VAVI9L RNAV RW5 via DIRAX LFBD A file parsing error maybe ? Thx Erich
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