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  1. Thank you for that tip. If I understand correctly, I should have the encoder send a custom event, any number in the range you stated, and set the same number in the gns.ini. I’ll give it a try.
  2. Regarding programming the knobs, you are correct, I have added the event codes into the gns.ini. The event codes that I used for changing the standby com frequency are 65636 (large knob left turn), 65637 (large knob right turn), 65638 (small knob left turn), and 65639 (small knob right turn). From what I understand, these are standard fsx event codes for changing the com frequency. What I’m looking for and been unable find is the code that would correspond to pressing the c/v button. Isn’t there an event that causes the Mindstar GNS430 cursor to toggle between the nav standby frequency and the com standby frequency? If so, what is that event number? Honestly, I’m surprised it’s this difficult. I figured that surely I’m not the first one to try and use a rotary encoder with the Mindstar software and the procedure for setting it up would be documented somewhere.
  3. Thank you for the reply and information. I’ve read the document you’ve linked and used the information to hook up some switches- I just haven’t found what to put on the gps1_small_cv_press line. If you could help me with that I’d be grateful. As for the licensing, I can assure you that I’m strictly a home user that’s trying to use some hardware to make the software easier to use. I really dislike having to use the mouse and when I purchased the unit being able to use some hardware was the main reason I jumped in...but it’s not worth $150 to me. I can contact the support people if you like, but I thought this forum was the proper place to seek help.
  4. No, just a rotary encoder connected to an Arduino and using the Mobiflight software. I can send an event code or an offset, but I can’t find any documentation of a code that corresponds to the ‘Press C/V’ button. I tried using the fsuipc logger, and that didn’t yield any help, either. How does one control the ‘Press C/V’ feature with a hardware switch?
  5. What is the best way to have a rotary encoder communicate with the Mindstar GNS 430 to change radio frequencies? I can get it to change the standby com frequency, but how can I get the 'Push C/V' feature to work and then change the standby nav frequency?
  6. Thank you, Ed & Glenn. I’ll try adding the 66375 event in Mobiflight & 0x132c in the GNS.ini & see if that combination works.
  7. Thank you for the help, Ed. I'll try to figure out how to use custom events, and if that doesn't work I'll keep looking. There has to be an answer somewhere.
  8. Ok, we’re getting closer, now I know what NOT to do. How about entering the offset values? Is that also a bad idea? What I really need, though, is to know what TO do. Do you have a recommendation on how to connect a hardware button through Mobiflight (or any other means, for that matter)? Would it work to assign custom event values? I sure I’m not the first to try this, but so far I haven’t found anything to point me in the right direction. I’d greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide.
  9. Thank you. That’s what I thought, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. On another topic, I’m working on controlling it with buttons/encoders connected through an Arduino Mega and Mobiflight. I’m stuck on the CDI button. When I assign the FSX event number for TOGGLE_GPS_DRIVES_NAV1 (66375) to the GPS_CDI event in the keyboard section of GNS.INI then it continuously flips the setting on the unit without the button being pressed. I’ve also tried adding a keystroke shortcut and having mobiflight call that keystroke, but that didn’t work at all. The closest I came was to leave the keyboard control section for the cdi function blank in the ini file and program the hardware button to send the 66375 code. The problem there was that each keypress caused it to flip twice so it went from gps right back to gps. That was a single button press, not on press then again on release. If I pressed the virtual button with the mouse, it went to vnav, then when I press the hardware button it did the same thing and landed back on vnav again. Do you have a recommended method for connecting a hardware button to function as the CDI key? (The other buttons I’ve programmed so far using the fsx control numbers work great, I’m just stumped by the CDI.)
  10. Thank you for the reply. I think I've got it working now-it looks like the problem may have been that the gns didn't like the way the instances were set in the 5th parameter (done by default, not by design). I changed them to more closely match the order given in the instructions and it seems to have fixed the problem.
  11. I hate to be a pest, but I’ve done something and now the gns isn’t working. I was fooling with the panel.cfg file, and now when I start fsx-se I get an error about a problem with Hypergauge and asking if I want to run it. (Not the question about whether or not I trust the software, but ‘Flight simulator has detected an error...’. If I click yes the program closes. If I click no a message box pops up ‘Hypergauge interface- Failed to load Hypergauge. Check dll.xml and Modules folder.’ I don’t see a dll.xml that’s newer than the gns program (and I don’t know what to check for), and the Hypergauge.dll is in the Modules folder. If I click ‘ok’, the sim runs, but the gns just has a blank screen. Any idea what I’ve done to break it and how to fix it? I’m not even sure working on the panel.cfg is what did it, but that’s what I was working on this evening before it stopped working. Thank you.
  12. I just purchased the GNS 530/430 yesterday, and so far I think it's great that I can use a 'real' gps in the flight sim and fly departures, arrivals, and RNAV approaches. It's REALLY distracting and annoying, though, that the MSG keeps flashing. Near airspace, inside airspace, inside and near airspace, every few seconds while flying an approach it cries out for attention. The MSG light doesn't flash near as much on the real units (and then it usually wants me to change the heading on the OBS). Is there anyway to attenuate the function, have 1 acknowledgement last for the entire approach or disable it during approaches? I have a feeling I know what the answer is, but I'm hoping something can be done about an annoying feature of what looks to be an otherwise great product. Oh, and as long as I'm nit-picking, how about being able to use the CLR button to declutter the screen? Thank you.
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