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  1. You have no idea how happy I was to see that MFS was basically "integrating" the same functionality as Ortho4XP into the sim. I'll be very happy to delete my Ortho folder. Half a terabyte is not really "for free". I just mentioned Ortho4XP because of its functionality of "smoothing" the mesh in airports, to prevent unnatural "bumps" on runways which are in places with row resolution or low quality terrain mesh, which Asobo could/should use. Ok?
  2. I speak about myself and the people I know, mostly from IVAO. Not sure about the population, but I'm sure I don't really want to argue about it 🙂
  3. We can look at it any of two ways. But at the end of the day, when it comes to choosing which sim to fly, I will compare the best experience I can have, on any of them. So, regardless if it's fair or not, I will compare the best experience I can have, on X-Plane, compared to the best experience I can have on MFS, and choose. For example, I would never want to fly with X-Plane's default weather engine, that's why I bought ASXP. So I will compare X-Plane's weather with ASXP, to MFS (default or with any add-on that might come out for it). I think this is what most people will do...
  4. No idea what you're on about. The undulated runways are there already. So all they have to do is *NOT* remove the undulation. I hope *NOT* doing something is relatively easy to do 🙂
  5. If they do better, fine by me, but for me, it *MUST* be there, otherwise I go back to X-Plane. I cannot stand, for reasons unknown to me, perfectly flat runways. By the way, not sure if you know about Ortho4XP, but starting at v1.30 it has a "smoothing" functionality which will interpolate elevation points in the mesh, add points in between (tesselation?) and smooth them out. So I never encountered a runway with "overdone" undulations anymore in X-Plane. By the looks of it, I'm guessing you didn't know about this feature or about Ortho4XP?
  6. Absolutely, I have promised myself long ago to simply not entertain internet trolls. I simply stop responding once I think the person is tilting and has been disrespectful. This guy meets all of the above. Anyway, just like @RALF9636 mentioned, we can all agree that real life runways are undulated (some more, some less) and it would be nice if this is represented properly in MFS, just like in X-Plane, and unlike FSX. End of story to me.
  7. It's called statistical analysis 🙂 or are you saying that any statistical research is meaningless? 🙂 EDIT: That's such a poor argument that it shocks me that you can't see it can also be used on you... or will you post videos of the 40000 runways to prove YOUR point? Useless discussion. The airports that I MYSELF fly to, either in RL or in sim, have noticeable undulation (which is very well represented in X-Plane) and I expect nothing else from MFS.
  8. That's DEFINITELY not true. Unfortunately I only have one video up on my real life aviation youtube channel, but I hope to prove you wrong soon... this summer if all goes according to plan 🙂
  9. I'll sum it up because I won't waste much time on this discussion. As a pilot also myself, I can tell you MatthewS, you are right. Easiest way to show this is to bring up those "spotter" videos on youtube where they zoom in on the runway from afar and the undulation is extremely evident with this perspective. For example, the video below at 6:55. Can anyone NOT see that the runway has a "hump" in the middle?? HOWEVER!!!! I wouldn't be as skeptical as you are about the undulations in MFS... Unfortunately I can't say much more...
  10. I'm sorry... what? Even I, a "measly" private pilot mostly land on runways with noticeable "undulation". Hell, even one of those I had to "touch" on my exam, you could not stand on one threshold and see the other! Burg Feuerstein, look it up. Cheers.
  11. I have been very positive lately but I am still not able to check the alpha tester forums. Has anyone who has received an invite on this wave been able to log into the "exclusive" forums yet? Cheers.
  12. I mentioned them already above. i7-9700k, 32 GB RAM, GTX1070. Additional remarks, I have a 100 Mbps internet connection and I'm a real world private pilot.
  13. I'm happy to inform you it finally appeared on my Insider Hub thingy and I'm installing it as we speak. This is probably the last you'll hear from me in the next 2 years or so. Cheers everyone it was nice knowing you.
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