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  1. I have been very positive lately but I am still not able to check the alpha tester forums. Has anyone who has received an invite on this wave been able to log into the "exclusive" forums yet? Cheers.
  2. I mentioned them already above. i7-9700k, 32 GB RAM, GTX1070. Additional remarks, I have a 100 Mbps internet connection and I'm a real world private pilot.
  3. I'm happy to inform you it finally appeared on my Insider Hub thingy and I'm installing it as we speak. This is probably the last you'll hear from me in the next 2 years or so. Cheers everyone it was nice knowing you.
  4. I'm gonna say textures... for the full blown online streaming version.
  5. Mine is also not activated... never bothered to get around to it. PS: And my internet connection is 100Mbps download.
  6. Yeah sure. 9700k, 32 gigs of RAM (which I bought specifically after being painfully rejected for the 1st wave) and a GTX1070. Cheers 🙂
  7. Yeah... and after that it looks like you'll be mashing F5 in the Xbox Insider Hub thingy... just kill me now.....
  8. Hopefully one of the previous lucky ones will chime in. I have never used this Insider Hub thing ever in my life...
  9. I'm happy to inform you of exactly what you think I want to happily inform you about. Haven't showed up in Xbox Insider Hub yet though... hope it doesn't take too long!!!!
  10. It's absolutely sickening. The only thing keeping from losing my mind is that I still have real life flying... :D
  11. Right... that's another interesting topic... how many of the people commenting/reviewing are actual real pilots? Because it could be that many of them are just avid simmers and have grown to believe that the way things look and feel in the current simulators are the "goal", where they most certainly are not.
  12. Agreed, of course. However, I will also definitely say that 20 fps on X-Plane feels a lot better than 20 fps on FSX/P3D. It must be something to do with how stable and evenly spaced (in time) those frames are. And I think that's what the guy meant. At least, in context, it felt like that's what he meant, that those 20 fps, even if it sounds low (in FSX/P3D context), they are still quite flyable. In any case, trying to pull off ultra settings with an i7 7700 and a GTX1070 and getting 20 fps in a very dense area... I can tell you I get a lot less if I max X-Plane out in a dense area. And the guy did mention that MFS in the lowest settings looks still better than X-Plane maxed out... he might be exaggerating but we get the picture 😄
  13. This is exactly why I'm so surprised at the anal retentiveness of some people around here regarding the NDA. Come on guys, live a little 🤣
  14. Well, the video is long, he says a lot of things. I'll summarize the ones who most caught my attention: When talking about the night environment, the guy was literally choking. He could not speak properly. The clouds reflect the lights from the cities below. There's no lights burned into the textures like in other sims, the lights simply extend as far as the eye can see. He was just completely blown away. On a modest machine, the sim was running at 20 fps, on ultra settings, at a very heavy area (São Paulo). Sounds good to me. He mentioned the cockpits don't look as realistic as on other sims. They "feel" like plastic. At the end of the day, feedback was extremely positive and it really just makes waiting ever so more unbearable 🙂 PS: What's wrong with people and all this discussion about the NDA? Even if some jack*ss will "try" to talk "word not allowed" about MFS, we're all super hyped and pretty much everyone wants to get their hands on it, so do we really care? I don't, and I'm genuinely amazed at all this polarization about this topic...
  15. Well this guy just described the alpha in great detail (albeit in portuguese).
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