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  1. I like many of us will purchase (when I am able) a 3080 or 3090 or maybe an AMD 6000 series GPU. My question. Is there any advantage in repurposing my current 2070S to run monitors 2&3 (1080’s) used for viewing 3rd party apps and use my shiny new only for the G-Sync 1440 main monitor? I will be using VR when it is implemented. Google searching has revealed many and divided opinions.
  2. I have Honeycomb yoke and Saitek X52 pro joystick and throttle all connected and all work.
  3. Thanks. Thought it was a bug in the sim until I read this. I will leave as is and see how well it works on my X52 throttle.
  4. Others have reported that FLC doesn"t always work in G1000 and they have to revert to VS
  5. I have Saitek x52 pro joystick and Honeycomb Alpha both connected and both work with no apparent conflicts.
  6. Samsung have today released 980 Pro 7000/5000 1TB The move option is greyed out on my install (not steam). So I will uninstall from 😄 c drive and start anew on my new d drive 😧 If anyone can tell me how to keep my control settings file it would be much appreciated?
  7. Mine says available 18th August 12:00 am
  8. So it will be released midnight Monday local time!
  9. So how do the time zones work. Do the New Zealanders get it first or is released Seattle time.
  10. So with availability on Steam this poses 2 questions for me. 1. Is there any advantages or disadvantages by having it on steam? 2. Will I need steam as I do now to run my Xplane 11 with my HP VR?
  11. Well spotted. NZQN - NZMF Those trees nothing like the real thing but as we all keep saying, it is only alpha and it is way better than any of the others OOTB.
  12. Bridges: At 7:02 in the video my hometown, Brisbane, Australia is depicted. This has been shown on more than one occasion in the development update series. It was noted that the bridges on the river do not appear but we all assumed that would be fixed in updates. Well not yet, unless they are still using the images from 5 months ago. By my count at least 7 bridges should appear. There are some very faint white lines where some should be. By the way I am totally in awe of what MS and Asobo Studios have achieved in alpha.
  13. So I could find a category 5 hurricane or cyclone that is active somewhere on the globe and just fly right into it! What a blast.
  14. Has anyone tried this Early Access Software Steam Utility? Will it allow undocked windows to be seen in Prepar3d VR?
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