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  1. We Australians can see Sydney @ 2.00 and Brisbane @ 3.04 as pointed out previously in this thread by others.
  2. But none of the bridges show. I am not complaining. What MS has done is unbelievable.
  3. My VR observations: · It is pertinent that the genesis of MSFS 2020 arose from HoloLens as already mentioned in this thread. ( Yes I know HoloLens is not really VR.) · I am sure VR will be implemented at some stage and I am sure MS realises that it must be sooner than later. · I have never owned or used VR. · I will be a buyer on day 1 with or without VR incorporated · If incorporated I will buy a VR set after watching all possible YouTube reviews. · Wonder what MS will make of this conflab! They will be watching with great interest. A question to any VR users. Do you use mechanical controls (yokes, joysticks, throttles) or virtual controls on screen? Is this off topic?
  4. So I have a little list from all the great places on the last 3 pages. Thank you all. A question. If I fly over say the Serengeti in Africa will I see herds of animals?
  5. vortex681: Sorry, not making an argument just pointing to where MS referred to how they were developing the new software.
  6. And still I only have 4 out of 10 clip locations. Clip#1 Clip#2 SF Bay CA Clip#3 Clip#4 Lake Powell UT Clip#5 Clip#6 Clip#7 Clip#8 Sun City AZ Clip#9 Central Park NY Clip#10
  7. This from an interview with Matt Booty (Head of Microsoft Studios) 4 months ago. " It’s interesting. The very first game that Microsoft ever published was Adventure, and then I think the second one was Flight. That was a published game, and then we acquired it? I think that’s how the history goes. There’s so much going on right now. We put up that little tag at the beginning about satellite data and Azure AI. I don’t know if you know how that works, but we’re taking satellite map data, which is amazing, because it covers the whole planet, but it has big limitations. Parts of the planet are covered at different levels of detail. In order to make a modern flight simulator at the fidelity you need, you need accurate data. We’re using machine learning to fill in the places where we don’t know more than what the satellite data tells us. We know this is a blank spot in the middle of Nevada. Here’s what the stuff around it looks like. We know what Nevada generally looks like. Now we’ll generate that procedurally. There’s a ton of cool stuff in Flight Simulator." https://venturebeat.com/2019/06/12/how-microsoft-showed-up-at-e3-locked-and-loaded-for-games-a-new-console-and-the-cloud/
  8. John Connor is known for fighting the impending and inevitable rise of the machines. Why fight 'em when you can join 'em. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1131885-captain-hydra-captain-america-hail-hydra-edits
  9. Depends on your IP address. If your are in a country which drives on left hand side the cars go the other way in MSFS.😁
  10. So now I have: Clip#1 Clip#2 SF Bay CA Clip#3 Lake Powell UT Clip#4 Clip#5 Clip#6 Clip#7 Clip#8 Central Park NY Clip#9
  11. Yes I read it that on October 10 we get Ep #1 - World and on October 18 an update which hopefully tells us when Ep #2 - Weather is being released
  12. So even I an Australian can pick SFO Bay and Central Park but where are the other places?
  13. RTX 2070 Super will be a minimum if ray tracing is implemented and effective in increasing realism.
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