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  1. VR Flight Sim Guy has 1080Ti and i5 CPU He now recommends 100% render setting in the sim and 50% in the customized option in "Windows Mixed Reality OpenXR Developer Tools" app Not to be confused with the Windows OpenXR runtime which I presume is installed with the G2 installation.
  2. The expert, "VR Flight SIm Guy" says OpenXR is way better for G2 than Steam VR Look at his 3 minute YouTube called "MSFS VR | 3 MINUTE GUIDE! HP REVERB G2"
  3. Ok that is a good idea (keep the 1TB for the OS). So do I move MSFS from the 1TB to the 2TB or do a fresh install on to D: after deleting it on C:?
  4. SSD NVMe dilemma I am currently using a Samsung 970 pro 1 TB and am running out of space. I could just buy another drive and add a secondary 😧 drive but I want all my MSFS 2020 “stuff” on one drive so I will go for a new 2TB drive. I can go PCIe Gen 4.0 as I have an AMD X570 MB. There are 3 just released choices with 2TB options. 1. Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus with the new Phison E18 controller 2. Western Digital SN850 3. Samsung 980 Pro I have read all the current reviews and cannot seems to find which is best for MSFS which probably means it won’t matter which one, but I would like to hear what other simmers think. My real dilemma is implementation. Do I: 1. Do a complete reinstall of windows and all programs OR 2. Use EaseUS or Acronis and just clone the old 1TB drive It is a dedicated computer for MSFS so it does not have a great deal of other apps installed.
  5. I am not a programmer but my first attempt at a major upgrade would be not be a large diverse country but a small Island group like Japan to test the water and if all went well then to tackle the major market.
  6. For me a real dilemma. 6900XT looks the best on paper but I love my G-Sync monitor which won't work with the AMD card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So this begs the question that if I am using G-Sync then V-Sync best turned off or is just irrelevant!
  8. So I have a G-Sync (Asus ROG PG279Q). Does this mean I must buy a Nvidia 3000 series and not and AMD 6000 series if I want the G-Sync to work?
  9. I like many of us will purchase (when I am able) a 3080 or 3090 or maybe an AMD 6000 series GPU. My question. Is there any advantage in repurposing my current 2070S to run monitors 2&3 (1080’s) used for viewing 3rd party apps and use my shiny new only for the G-Sync 1440 main monitor? I will be using VR when it is implemented. Google searching has revealed many and divided opinions.
  10. I have Honeycomb yoke and Saitek X52 pro joystick and throttle all connected and all work.
  11. Thanks. Thought it was a bug in the sim until I read this. I will leave as is and see how well it works on my X52 throttle.
  12. Others have reported that FLC doesn"t always work in G1000 and they have to revert to VS
  13. I have Saitek x52 pro joystick and Honeycomb Alpha both connected and both work with no apparent conflicts.
  14. Samsung have today released 980 Pro 7000/5000 1TB The move option is greyed out on my install (not steam). So I will uninstall from 😄 c drive and start anew on my new d drive 😧 If anyone can tell me how to keep my control settings file it would be much appreciated?
  15. Mine says available 18th August 12:00 am
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