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  1. Yes, Los Angeles/El Segundo area... KLAX
  2. I can almost guarantee there will be a blurb of this thread on the development update tomorrow.
  3. BTW... love this pic! My home town!
  4. With everything we have observed thus far, how could they not. Seems elementary for this team.
  5. Would love to see a C-130 and C-17 developed. Also, how are military air bases being handled in MSFS?
  6. Part of the excitement creates impatience! Can’t really blame anyone.
  7. Well it’s not just a piece of software for most of us… the anticipation of a new ground breaking flight simulation that caught the entire flight sim community by surprise. The detail given thus far is beyond expectations.
  8. Lets all remember, sooner or later almost everything imaginable for a flight (World) sim will probably be implemented... Last year at this time we had no idea the flight sim world would be rocked like this! ..
  9. MS is saying that if you are in the first tech Alpha and thereafter you will most likely continue with testing. If you are not testing the first several builds then technically you can say that not everyone will participate in every build… you may be accepted into a later build. Everything is subject to change.
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