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  1. Rank_Badjin

    Milviz PC6 Turbo-Porter For FSX

    I would totally buy it if it was for X-Plane. I'm a bit jealous, I admit. Rank
  2. Rank_Badjin

    Is there a tool for this?

    Please do not use a compressor...canned "air" is dry pumped to remove moisture, your compressor, unless you have the appropriate filters, is not. You are literally spraying the motherboard with water and lubricants that conduct electricity. Rank
  3. Rank_Badjin

    And along came REX.

    Reshade plus FSEnhance looks pretty dang good. A "partial" REX isn't likely going to be any better. Rank
  4. I hit a "downburst" flying through a thunderstorm in XP last night. I was already down over 1,000 feet when the plane went into a flat spin. Lost 6,000 feet in less than a minute before I finally recovered. Rank
  5. Rank_Badjin

    GTN750 windowed and Reshade

    Does XP become unstable only if the GTN 750 AND Reshade are installed? I ask because I am considering purchasing either the GNS 530 or the GTN 750...if they are not compatible with Reshade, that is a deal killer. Rank