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  1. Excuse me if I am being dumb but how can I scroll left/right/up/down etc around the flight deck (PMDG 737 or QW787). I have seen vids where people can do this but my sim just seems to move around the screen in chunks. Obviously there must be a setting somewhere? Brian
  2. Have to say I am impressed with the FMC.... but the Overhead is a bit iffy at times
  3. Has anyone any suggestions re settings.... I have P3D v4.5 on a brand new PC (Intel I7 processor) with a NVidea RTX1070 8GB graphics card. I use a Samsung 32" Monitor and it all works great, with no flicker at all. I added a second monitor so that I could place the MCP and CDU on a separate screen and the Screen Flicker is horendous. I have updated the NVidea driver but that shows no improvement at all. The Samsung is connection via the Display port and the second screen via HDMI Thanks in advance
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