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  1. You know the best advice a more experienced pilot gave to me was that every pilot is a student pilot. The minute you close your mind to learning new things, even about an airplane you have thousands of hours in, is the moment you should hang up your wings because you're gonna get yourself or someone else killed with that mentality.
  2. >person starts a thread asking the forum to be nice to new players >immediately descends into 7 straight pages of elitism and generally being dicks to new players Nice look, boys. Real classy.
  3. This whole thread is really sad and should probably be closed.
  4. I like these screenies, they really give me a good idea as to the capabilities and limitations of the scenery engine and its source data.
  5. ITT: Old men argue for 15 pages about whether or not runways have curves.
  6. Personally I'm hoping PMDG gets some stiff competition in the heavy metal department. Good for the hobby, good for the consumer.
  7. I’m all for whoever releases the first heavies with good systems depth, is easy on the frames, easy on the eyes, and at a fair price, PMDG or not.
  8. Really more than anything I’m continuously impressed by the lighting in this sim! Honestly they could just have grey boxes for buildings, green blobs for trees and it would still feel leaps and bounds more alive than our current offerings. Good work ladies and gentlemen!
  9. No, flight simmers are super serious people who want super serious experiences for their hobby which is definitely not a video game. Fun ist strictly verboten.
  10. Alright then let me bring it down to scale and make things simple. If the Greek guy (of which there aren’t many Greeks in the area) making baklava (which isn’t exactly an easy process) near my house has to compete with the Turkish guy (of which there aren’t many Turks in the area) making baklava down the block with neither going out of business, then one niche high end 747 can compete with another.
  11. That's like saying we should only have one company that provides internet service because otherwise the profits of AT&T or Comcast would get diluted to the point they wouldn't bother. Out in the world yeah the US has several telco providers, but when one provider serves only one area and another provider serves another, the consumers get the shaft. Competition invariably leads to better products, more innovative products, better customer service, lower prices on the consumer end, and a healthier marketplace in general.
  12. Again, why should we expect and rely on only PMDG for high quality Boeing jetliners when there could be other people who could do as good a job if not a better job on them? The only reason why they get my money is because nobody else has a competing product, and I think the community suffers as a result.
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