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  1. Hi Many thanks...all sorted . Now to the next 101 issues....
  2. I am waiting for a reply from honeycomb. Hopefully they may have A solution for fsuipc to see the buttons. I am new to yoke flying. I use the thrustmaster hogworth joystick.although not realistic it is very Accurate and easy. I will persevere with the honeycomb. Hopefully things will improve with usage. Many thanks everyone. Qas
  3. For some reasons.my folder is empty. To safe I created a folder named text flightplans on desktop. Nothing is saved here on exporting. I will try saving at different location. Many thanks
  4. Hi everyone Thanks to Dave I have the program running now. I am ok with the ATC procedure at the start of flight.. ie. Clearance request. Push back/ push back engine start...taxi.. Can some one please advise what is the sequence after this. At runway holding point it only advises take off...it does not say line up ...etc. I used Proatc x. And this always says line up etc.. Also during flight it stays mostly silent. Finally can you please advise the steps when near destination airport. What do I choose from the approach option for ils landing. Many thanks . Qas
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