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  1. If anybody has any doubt about the level of depth they are aiming for, just look at the patch notes from the A320 release.
  2. Have you been able to access the Tech Alpha forums, by the way? I got the email inviting me to sign up, and have signed up with my gamertag, but have not been able to access the forum itself. All I see is the public forum which is yet to be opened.
  3. I have sent in a support request email to the Flight Sim team, and they said it is a known issue that they are working on.
  4. Asobolutely (sorry), we are pattern-seeking mammals after all. A bad pattern is better than no pattern at all!
  5. I have a pretty high-end system (i7 9700k @ 4.8, 2080Ti, 32Gb RAM) but a pretty low-end connection (8Mbps). My guess is that the connection held me back from the first wave of invites.
  6. I may or may not be in the same boat! Any idea of how long it normally takes it to appear on insider hub?
  7. May be hindsight bias on my part in the case of 3D TV, but I don't agree with that assessment. The lesson from the internet or electricity, both of whose utility was vastly underestimated, or even denied at the time of their invention, is that you cannot tell ahead of time which inventions will turn out to be useless. I believe that you can, however, tell which inventions will be useful. It seems to me that as with the steam engine or radar, VR seems poised to be one of those technologies which we can tell from the outset will be useful.
  8. That's true, but use a 3D TV for a month, and a VR headset for a month, and see which one you think has greater potential.
  9. Does anybody know if the Asobo team have tried VR flying themselves? My feeling is that if they did, they would see how vr is clearly the future for flight sim. Of course, it’s early days yet, but even so, I would still never go back to a flat monitor.
  10. Many of them certainly are! But there have been plenty which are dead serious, and which I do not believe will be followed through with by the people saying them.
  11. I have enjoyed reading about others' excitement for the new sim about as much as I've enjoyed reveling in my own excitement. However, I have become increasingly annoyed by what I feel are disingenuous comments which run along the lines of "no buy if...". May I suggest that the lawyers among this forum's fine participants cobble together a piece of legislation which would make such statements contractual obligations, such that any person who utters them is indeed forbidden from purchasing the new sim once it is released if it does not contain the feature whose absence they complained about. This would add a dark pleasure dimension to my enjoyment of these forums, which, until now, has been largely of the light pleasure variety.
  12. "I am in PMDG stepped in so far that should I wade no more. Returning were as tedious as go o'er." - Shakespeare
  13. That was just a side point. Forums are not academic debates (which even themselves involve meandering).
  14. If he's taking us for a ride, I'm not going since he doesn't use VR 😉
  15. Second all of @Adamv1's points. But agree that the VR userbase may be too small right now for MS to prioritise it in the initial release. I recall a recent X-Plane poll finding that around 5% of users fly in VR. Also, regarding VR sickness - I notice that I am way more prone to this in small aircraft than in the bigger jets. I figure it's that smaller planes move around more. I also got sick when the frames were very low, so that's definitely another cause.
  16. Here's how I would make the decision: 1) When not on sale, X-Plane costs $60. Assume this is the price you will pay. 2) Assume the new MSFS is going to come out in October next year, which is around when previous versions were released. Call that 360 days from now. 3) 60/360 = 0.17. In other words, the cost of X-Plane if you only use it for a year is 17 cent per day. At that price, even a weak interest in flight simming should make this purchase justified. And let's say I'm wrong about the release date of the new MSFS. Let's say it's in April 2020 instead of October. That puts the price per day at 34 cents. Don't tell me you don't waste 34 cents per day on something or other. The advantage of X-Plane over other flight sims is that you can get a top-tier experience without spending any money after the initial purchase. This is assuming you have the hardware requirements for the game, of course. The Zibo 737, and satellite imagery from Ortho4XP are both free, as are many airport sceneries, and other addon planes as well. These will easily keep you going for a year while you wait for the new MSFS. Not to get morbid, but if you're lucky enough to have another 60 years of life left, is it really worth depriving yourself of a great source of happiness for 1/60th of that time, just so you can save less than 50c per day? What's a years worth of flight simming worth to you, in a life that will go on for another 60 years? Anyway that's just my 17 cents
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