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  1. Hello, For flight simulation I use both FSX and P3D on the same computer. I installed the ATR 72-500 on FSX, but when I install it on P3D, the one on FSX does not work anymore !! I would like to be able to install the ATR 72-500 on my two simulators. Do you have a solution for this? Thank you for your help, Regards, Herve31
  2. Hello, During my flights I am in RNAV mode. When I'm in the final, I switch to V / L mode to capture the LOC. At this moment the ATR captures and follows well the LOC, but not the GLIDE. In fact he captures the GLIDE but he does not follow it for the descent. Do you have a solution to this problem? Thank you for your answers, Regards, Hervé31.
  3. Hello, I wrote to support Carenado for a solution to this problem, here is their answer: "Thank you for telling us about the problem, for now, we have not managed to reproduce the problem, so we have no solution to this problem. cordially" So I think we will have to wait a long time. Hervé31.
  4. I have exactly the same problem and despite several Reinstall nothing changes! Would you know how to solve this problem? Thank you for your help, Regards, Herve31. PS: sorry for my english, i'm french and i use the google translator.
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