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  1. just tested it and it works perfect with the 900er Thanks for letting me test it
  2. have only flown in the 900er and 800 I will try all the variants and I'll let you know
  3. it gave me that with 900er split winglets i just tried the same scenario with the 800ngxu split winglets and it gave me a proper bug up speed and it worked fine
  4. also tried both bug up and set flaps up speed and he replied (bug up are you sure about that)
  5. Indicated airspeed was 167 which was v2+20 and flaps up speed was 206 Very strange
  6. Hi when I take off I ask the fo to bug up and he says are you sure and also when I command set flaps up speed
  7. Hi is there anyway to view the airport map chart when fsx is not running I just like to find a gate that is close to the runway i am departing at Thanks
  8. Hi i bought the fs2crew pmdg 737 ngx reboot last year and i remember there was an option for UGCX INTEGRATION. Now that UGCX has been released and i just bought that too today i'm just wondering what this option does?
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