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  1. Thanks all. I now have my overhead panel and my throttle panel all working nicely
  2. Thank you for all your help. i have now got my switches all working with ideas from your code examples. Instead off togglebit I used set and clear bit for better control. If I may ask another couple of questions I now understand how to work with the switches but I also have a park brake switch and can not figure out how to write to offset 0BC8 as it seems to take a value from 0 to 32767 when all I really want is on or off. I note in the offset pdf there is a field for size but how does that relate to the following UB unsigned 8-bit byte UW unsigned 16-bit word UD unsigned 32-bit dword SB signed 8-bit byte SW signed 16-bit word SD signed 32-bit dword DD signed 64-bit value DBL 64-bit double floating point FLT 32-bit single floating point STR string of ASCII characters (in this case the preceding number, n, gives the length not a repeat count) I am sure there is a correlation to these two and I note that 0D0C has a size of 2 and that we used sw in the lights example Again thanks for your help Owen
  3. Thank you heaps Work to do today but I will see how I go tonight Owen
  4. I have built an overhead panel for my sim that has some switches for example Taxi Lights and Landing Lights. Although I have used Lua before I have spent hours on trying to get these switches to work. I know that the light switch data is held in 0x0D0C offset but I can not figure out how to extract the individual bits to allow me to modify them and then write them back to the offset. I think it involves some logic.and command but its all beyond me unfortunately. Or am I on the wrong track altogether and is there an easier way. Could anyone please help with a little sample code that reads offset extracts bit 3 , if its off turn it on and vice versa and write it back to 0x0D0C. I have read all the stuff that comes with FSUIPC but to no avail Thanks heaps Owen Moore
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