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  1. The thread says: ALPHA BUILD is now available! For whom? I registered for Alpha test the same day MS opened the Alpha test registration, but still have no access:(
  2. I am flying in the virtual world in my PMDG 737 home cockpit, but I feel a little alone in these Corona times and would like to have ATC chatter to keep me with company. Where can I find the best solutions for implementing ATC chatter to P3Dv4 when I fly my PMDG 737 NGXu? This is not a thread to fight over which solution is best, but a thread request for a list of available solutions, both free and payware solutions.
  3. If you are flying any of the PMDG jetliners, go for FSInt from rksoftware to bind your buttons to any PMDG switch/button/knob in an easy way. No calibration function yet in the release that is available now.
  4. Youtube and Netflix is lowering their streaming from 4K to as little as 480 in Europe in order not to kill the Internet throughput during the Corona period. This will probably also be the case for MSFS2020
  5. Is this confirmed by LM? Do you have the source for this statement? I am not saying it is not the case, but eager to really find out what is best; speed, cores. Who has the facts?
  6. SAS has never had the 400 or 8i models. Better to use talent on painting SAS planes with the new colors.
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