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  1. As far I know, the 3D model is exported and functional on MSFS, no worries here. But the problem is the MSFS FM not being so advanced to achieve the performance desired. My bet is they are waiting a mature SDK.
  2. My hope is to see SIAI Marchetti SF.260 by Jrollon & Claudio to this list with a kind of REP or similar 😉 More devs are doing mechanics not seen until now in MSFS, like Milviz does, so I also hope soon more and more devs achieves high levels of realism.
  3. I supouse it's for a very closeup views, you can zoom in without losing resolution and became a blurry texture.
  4. Fantastic to get inmersion, actually using Luke air tool. So, this addition will mean sounds could be modable based on triggers, events or variables? Turbulences = screaming pax 🙂
  5. I swear you I have tried to fly without Trackir, but it ended with a quick alt+f4. Asobo, please, fix ASAP.
  6. Offtopic, what an inefficient piece of hardware, in Watts terms I mean. Still a long way to go.
  7. What it worked for me, at least with last 2 uptdates, was opening MS Store, hit update and then leave it alone at background around 10-15min. Surfing the web mean while. Then it get updated. This is a common behaviour in all Microsoft cloud stuff gears.
  8. I do it mapping F7 & F12 to my Saitek X52 software.
  9. I hope Direct Storage in Windows 11 makes some changes to this loading times in the near future.
  10. If it came just in time to prevent my brain to buy a 3080ti monster, what I will do is to save that money for another month, until my brain comes again...
  11. Question, with this update who will get more fps increase? A system with high end CPU but lower GPU, or a pc with a weak CPU but more powerful GPU?
  12. Thank you, at least I managed to go an step further and now is downloading. Followed this steps, only: Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and sign out Close Microsoft Flight Simulator Log out of the Microsoft Store app Log out of the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC (if installed) Log out of the Xbox Companion App (if installed) Uninstall the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC (if installed) Uninstall the Xbox Companion App (if installed) Reboot the computer Install the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC from here Sign in to the Microsoft Store app with the Microsoft account used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator Sign in to the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC with the Microsoft account used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator from the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC instead of the Microsoft Store Sign in to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Microsoft account used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator For more troubleshooting about this issue, you can found it here: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016892819-Access-to-the-content-servers-is-currently-unavailable-error-message-Microsoft-Store-version-
  13. Can somebody confirm me if they sim could be update recently? I get this error: https://prnt.sc/15ty0tx "Access to the content server is currently unavailable" Sim updated from Store, Community folder is empty, signed out-in from Xbox Live, Win10 upgraded, PC restarted, unicorn blood found...🤔
  14. It is capable to recreate a fully working FbW A320 overhead panel?
  15. I skip this time, I hope someone with more experience/time get my slot. I wish you luck!
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