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  1. As they said, 600KM and all clouds layers and also ground can be affected by sunlight, shadows and city lights/polution. So I exepect accurated representatin within 600Km around. Maybe far away the rendering would be less accurate, but as seen in the leaked vids, the clouds are persistant.
  2. Maybe FS2020 won't require all that procesing power to run @1080p, but some of us have 4K or triple screen setups.. and we'll need room for future eating resources addons.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, 12 TFLOPS in GPU is like having a RTX 2080Ti... My GTX1080 have 9 TFLOPS by reference, and a GTX 1080Ti is about 11.3. A older generation like GTX 980, 4.6 TFLOPS. All cases depends on information sources.
  4. Look for Giza pyramids screenshoot, they have a nice shadows, hard to tell if it's generated by the sun. In my own opinion they are generated by the sim and there is no signal of originals shadows.
  5. I'm proud to own the SF.260 for X-Plane11 and AFAIK, his flight model is so so accurate and lot of fun. If finally relesed for FS2020 I won't doubt on buying a copy again to do VFR flights.
  6. He is Japo32 And here is the stream, in spanish: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/548791310
  7. At least, we have something to see and talk about since last two weeks.. 🙄Updates ejem🙄
  8. Asobo have access to another sat images instead of public Bing ones?
  9. My concerns are related to old SSD and delete cicles when downloading lots of textures. Lots of GB/Flight (or TB/year), those SSD will have heavy wear.
  10. Translucid clouds depending how many layers they have, it seems.
  11. Really a great idea, but from our perspective only. I don't know what is the ratio testers/hopers but is most probably a leak from the forums than from a ingame screenshot with those watermarks. Copy& Paste, PrintScreen texts and images, etc in the forum would be easy, even under an NDA, how they could follow that trace to start "legal actions" or whatelse?
  12. Of course if a feature like this will come with the product (disabled by default) and you will have the option to enable it. As seen in the feedback snapshot, testers have complaints about loading textures, maybe not by satured links, but in the future is a problem that we could have.
  13. When we start downloading data from Azure servers I don't know if saturation will occur time to time causing loading problems at peak hours, but what about our uploading speed? That photorrealistic textures cached in our systems could be uploaded to someone else needing a push, like P2P does. I'm convinced to the scalability, resilency and so from Azure datacenters all around the globe, but even Windows 10 does similar with their Update system, if enabled. I don't remember if in the survey they ask for that or only downstream speed?
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