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  1. Ohh yeah apparently you guys are right, I saw their forum post -which wasn't locked- and someone commented there so it was active hence I figured it was April of this year not last year. I am sorry folks false alert. On a different note I tried to remove this topic but I don't know how to, so if any mod/admin wants to delete it please go ahead.
  2. This is a direct quote from RSR's post: "25% Discount on PMDG Long Haulers:From now until 14APR20 (2359h US EDT) we are offering all of our FSX and Prepar3D Longhaulers at 25% off the normal list price. This includes the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II, PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II, PMDG 777-200LR, PMDG 777-300ER and PMDG DC-6 airplanes in FSX/P3D."
  3. Okay I tried both options. Apparently ticking OFF the option to display the map view prevents the messed up animations. Turning off the display does NOT fix it however. I tracked it down to what triggers it and apparently starts when you are presented with the small window to enter the route name. Hope that helps. Riad Mohamed
  4. Ohh I’ll try this out tonight too! I’ll try this one first to see if this issue still happens when the external view is disabled. Cheers. Riad Mohamed.
  5. Yeah most certainly, I did reply to byork and he said he'll send me a copy to test once you guys get it ready. I'm currently conducting a flight and when it's done and I'll try to make sure if turning off the display will fix it, it will be around 0100z and 0200z tomorrow (6/4/2020) early morning. I do however suggest that maybe you disable it in hotfix until we get it sorted out, or at least the option to disable (external view and long name saving) it in the user menu as a temp fix. Riad Mohamed.
  6. Hi Manuel, sorry for the late reply. Sure thing, I would be glad to assist! The last time it had happened was when I opted for a User defined pushback then the view switched to external, I pressed the X button on the airport layout window (it was minimised) and then it started to lag. However, I found this last night, that if the windows screen blacked out (when you don't do anything long enough for the display to turn off) it may gets resolved. I'm yet to test it but I will next time I fly. I think Byork sent me a message so I will reply to him, thank you.
  7. Hi again, I have installed the latest version and this thing is still happening
  8. Hi guys, is there any hot fix coming for this ? or even something I can do on my PC when this effect takes place in order to fix it (even if momentarily) ?
  9. Hi Manuel, I am not sure if I use the Windows Aero theme but I did check the settings and it was the default windows theme but with custom backgrounds hence it says "Custom" but I did not change any themes since I had windows 10 installed. Also I did some recent flight where I did NOT trigger the preview pushback option and everything went smooth so I've narrowed it down to that 2D display causing issues (since previously with the airport layout everything was still working normally). If there is anything else you guys would need (log files, settings, specs) just tell me and I'll provide them straight away. Well you need to break few eggs to make the cake right ? UGCX has really changed my sim experience and it's perfectly fine if it has few bugs with new updates, I'd be more than glad to help. Riad Mohamed.
  10. Hi everyone, first off I would like to congratulate the FS2Crew team for the great tool they developed UGCX, it's been a must for every flight I take and I must say the last update was really grand. However, I have noticed a weird behavior ever since I updated to the last version 1.7 of UGCX. When I preview my pushback route it forces me to a 2D Top-Down view of my aircraft which I really don't want to since sometimes having a heavy scenery and some decent amount of traffic can take it's toll on my CPU however as long as I don't load my aircraft external view the CPU and disk usage are within normal levels (I run P3Dv4.5 in well over 25 fps) so if I want to preview my route I am forced to go into external top-down view that load my external aircraft view and deteriorate my fps, yet that's not my main issue. After I check my pushback route and make sure everything is fine, if I use anything that words with windows explorer (explorer.exe) it gets drastically lagged. It's like typing, scrolling, task bar, any sort of windows UI animation is working in less that 1 fps. I tried restarting my explorer.exe many times but it's still the same (CPU usage at 75% and disk usage at 6%). It gets super frustrating because of how I use my pc to get work done during cruise but now I can't get anything done. PS: only windows animation that gets lagged out, the sim is working pretty smooth, every other application I have running is still super smooth as usual. This only happens when I start using the preview pushback option, otherwise everything is working well (including the windows animations). I'm running P3Dv4.5 on windows 10, aircraft used is PMDG 777. I really hope this gets figured out soon because, given the current situation, I need to get a lot of work done from home. Thank you, stay safe everyone. Riad Mohamed.
  11. Is there a webpage where we can check the status of the active sky servers in case we get this message ?
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